Good morning,world!

Curtis Dixon


Job: Server
Age: 21 years old

What is your “must do” at morning?

—Hygiene, workout, devotional.

Please tell us some your daily schedule.

—I wake up, stretch. Proceed to going to the bathroom.
Then I grab my bible, do a daily devotional, then I begin my full body workout, go for a 2 mile run.
Come back, shower, do my hair, eat breakfast.
Then I either go to work, or hangout with a friend!

Only one HAORI in the world Curtis select

“Black haori with blue-silver cool design”

“If you don’t leap, you’ll never know what it’s like to fly.”

〜About Curtis〜

Favorite book
—Chase the Lion

Favorite movie
—nothing specific, in general love a good dancing movie

Favorite music
—Literally anything I can sing, or shake my tail feather too!

Favorite color
—PURPLE; it’s the color of royalty!

Favorite food
—A nice, big, juicy burger!!

Where is your favorite place in local town. When you want to go there ?
—I’d have to say France, or the Bahamas!!!

What was your dream when you were a child?

—Well until I was 4 and watched my very first ever episode of ANTM which embarked my passion for modeling, & fashion, more like the entertainment industry!!
I wanted to be a Vet, Firefighter, Power Ranger, Lawyer, Doctor, Police Officer, FBI AGENT, and a GREAT dad.

What are you now obsessed with?

—HONESTLY.... my career, & boys.
finding an agency, and findin someone to share my success, passion, love, & adventure with.

What is your dream for now?

—To become a signed model, then an actor, singer, & dancer.
Then begin affordable clothing line accessible to all people.

Who is your respect the most?

—My mom, because she single handily raised 4 intelligent, attractive, dashing, dapper, fun, authentic, open minded young men all on her own!

And has never left, or given up once.
Has always fought to be a better mom each day, and endlessly shows her love!

And my best friends Chloè Eberly,Dakota Mounts, they’ve both gone through so much, pain,heart ache, and heart break, but are both still so strong minded, beautiful, kind hearted and all around astoundingly amazing young woman!

from Curtis

—Chase your dreams.

BIG... or small.... chase them.

Time doesn’t wait on anyone, and you never no when time will run out for you.

So RUN.....


Curtis Dixon 21 Kent, WA 📍 PA 📸

@kerteas DM for bookings 📲


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