Just for you, make one by one

Japanese traditional artisan of Nikko bori(日光彫) make just for you one by one.

Expect mirror, it’s made of natural wood so you feel warm like you want to carry it.

Gift with special wish to your precious person

Tradition in Japan has it that mirror has a power to exorcise evil spirits from a person.Pregnant woman carry hand mirror in her obstetrical binder, it protect her and her upcoming baby from evil.A hand mirror is one of the charm for people, it will definitely be a special gift for anniversary.


Carving initial,
To be only one hand mirror in the world

On the handle of hand mirror, we carve your desired initial.

Carved initial hand mirror, that is just yours in the world for you and your precious person is delivered to you.



When Uguisu ( Nightingale ) sings, Japanese feel the coming of spring. From old time, Uguisu is loved in Japan. This Uguisu design is KUDEN original, collaborate KUDEN designer with artisan.


Sakura ( cherry blossoms ) is one of the Japanese national flower. The language of Sakura is “ Spiritual beauty ”. Like bloom with pride, those beauty is designed on the hand mirror. Sakura may add a little color with your dailylife.

Japanese traditional artisan in Nikko make just for you one by one.

Nikko is so famous for that people said “Don’t use the word ‘marvelous’ until you’ve seen Nikko.”

For a long time. Person of carious statuses visited Nikko Tosho-Gu Shrine so Iemitsu TOKUNAGA who is the third Shogun of Edo shogunate decided to change Tosho-gu Shrine into more majestic one. He called great number of master-hands, carpenter, engraver, Urushi lacquer worker, and so many types of artisan. Engraver graved without the least difference from picture that painter draws. They says, in the internal of their work, they carve and engrave something and it is the origin of Nikko-bori.

After completing their work for Tosho-gu Shrine, they made wood tray and chest as souvenir for visitors and Nikko-bori became popular.

Nikko-bori is known for using special carving knife named “Hikkaki-tou”. Artisan uses a bent tip of Hikkaki-tou to carve the design on wood. After carving wood, lacquer is coated over it, and is the polishing by file to express the design surface.Even now, these process is artisan hand work so you may feel tradition through a hand mirror.


MaterialNatural wood
The place of productionMade in Japan


Suitable size for carry and shape. Artisan and KUDEN design for this product and use traditional Japanese motif. But for shape design, we have possibility to change and improve so mark 4.5 point.

Lacquer that craftsman use on this product basically is from natural but nowadays domestic lacquer is decreasing so he said sometime he uses urethane varnish too. And we uses natural wood for this products and it mean not use chemical material but also it’s from natural so now it’s difficult to judge for ethical. For now, we consider our best and mark 3 point.

Works for traditional handcrafts is decreasing each years. Those situation makes the lack of successors and finally “ lose the traditional technique ” in worst case.This product makes new work for those traditional technique. At that point of view, ethical for working environment marks 4.8 point.