KUMIKO coaster/KANUMA Japanese tradition KUMIKO from KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO


Someone says
Artisan who built Nikko TOSHOGU SHRINE-日光東照宮- in Edo period
moved to Kanuma city from Nikko city to keep out to cold.
Because of this history, There are many skilled Artisan in Kanuma that is famous for wood craft.
Wonderfulness of their sculpture on Dashi,a float that god ride on in festival, is famous here in japan.
One of their technique is KUMIKO.
KUMIKO is woodworking technique that make geometrical pattern by combining wood and wood.
They use a little adhesive it’s almost no adhesive.
There are many nature motif pattern,for example leaf, snowflake and shell suit.
They have used for household furniture and their decoration.

About KUMIKO technique

KUMIKO coaster/KANUMA Japanese tradition KUMIKO from KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO
KUMIKO coaster/KANUMA Japanese tradition KUMIKO from KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO


the meaning of flax ornament

the meaning of flax ornament

flax ornament is one of the most popular pattern in japan. They say that we don’t need time and effort to take care of it and growing speed is fast so there is meaning that growth of baby and keeping out of harm’s way in them.

the meaning of tortoise shell

the meaning of tortoise shell

Cloisonne means the seven treasures,gold, silver, pearls, agate, crystal, coral and lapis lazuli.
Hexagonal pattern is a tortoise shell.
Turtles have a long life so they are symbol for long life in japan from long ago.
We had regarded them as lucky charm.


Size W:140mm, H:120mm, T:10mm
Weight 20g~22g
Material Natural wood
The place of production Made in Japan


Ethical chart
Ethical point Designability

KUDEN doesn’t like design without means. There are many pattern for KUMIKO design and each design has each means. Those traditional designs are passed from generation to generation among artisans. Meaningful design deserve high point for designability.

Ethical point hearth hazard

This product is made of 100% natural wood and just a few glue. They hardly use chemical material. This technique is traditional one. So we mark high point for health hazard.

Design point Working environment

Works for traditional handcrafts is decreasing each years. Those situation makes the lack of successors and finally “ lose the traditional technique ” in worst case.This product makes new work for those traditional technique. At that point of view, ethical for working environment marks 4.8 point.


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