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What's KUDEN Art?

KUDEN Art is a project born out of the dream of creating jobs and contributing to activities in the field of welfare for people with disabilities through art.

KUDEN was started by a father who dreamed of creating a place where he and his disabled son could work together in the future.

KUDEN Art is one of those activities.

Participating artists are invited regardless of whether they are well-known or unknown, handicapped or not.

Art has long inspired people and has the power to move them from the bottom of their hearts.

I believe that the value and thought that goes into a work of art has nothing to do with whether the creator is handicapped or not.
My son also loves to draw. I am always amazed at his imagination.
At KUDEN Art, we dare not distinguish the art of people with disabilities.When introducing the work of a person with a disability, we will respect the person's wishes as much as possible in deciding whether or not to disclose his/her disability.

By doing so, we also value the wishes of artists and their families who, like me, wish to be recognized solely for the appeal of their work, regardless of whether or not their children have disabilities.

KUDEN Art aims to contribute to the creative activities of artists and the welfare of the handicapped by allowing people to judge the works of art based on their appeal and to purchase what they think is good, thereby making the world a little bit better.


Takahiro Sato