How to custom order

What custom order makes possible
  • Customer can customize product to your preference.
  • We can prevent useless produce and disposal because we begin to make after order
  • We can pay fair fee to factory/craftsman without too heavy burden because we order as much as we need and only when it needs.


Products subjected to custom order has “ORDER” icon.

(Products with “INSTOCK” is what we can ship soon.)



Important notice about custom order from order to deliver  

Please read and understand before order

  • Please set your mail service that can receive form “”.
  • Custom order product is made just for you after you order. We need to keep material, artisan/factory and so on for your order so please understand we can’t accept change, refund, returns after order is confirmed.
  • This is order production item. Factory/artisan begins to make your product one by one after your order is confirmed. It need about 1month~2months to complete after your order confirmation.(Each products has own reference time to complete, please check product detail page.) It depends on how busy factory is. In some case, we need more time.We'll let you know once it's been decided by mail. We ask you to order with time to spare.
  • Because custom order is made after order and each has different time to complete, you can order with any other product. If you do, we’ll ship together when custom order product is shipped. And if you want to ship separately, you need additional shipping charge.