How to care Samurai Mode Shirt

Because want you to wear long time

KUDEN want you to wear as long as possible so here we introduce how to care Shirt by yourself. 

If you question about care please contact us.



How to care by yourself

- When you use wash machine
You can use wash machine but please put shirt in Landry net. Please do not wash with something worry about losing color and also color of itself.
- When you dry
Please get the wrinkles out as possible as you can and hang it up. Do not use dryer because shirt may lost its shape.
- When you use iron
Please do not iron by high temperature. You don’t need press cloth but warm iron. If it gets hard wrinkles, wet a little by spray. If you use hot iron on wet fabric, it may damage.
- How to keep it good
If you use hanger, please keep it without directly sunshine.
f you fold it, do not right after iron. Please remove dehumidifier by hanging it up and fold a shirt after that. As same as general shirt, put front part like when you wear and fold so it doesn’t get creases.