About Pre tailor-made

【About Limited pre tailor-made】

●Challenge for ethical to solve the problem of mass disposal
We receive the order and will start production for all products after this event end. So we reduce the risk of stock and it means we don’t make excessive stock. This project is one of our challenge for ethical to solve the problem of mass disposal of clothes.

●The reason of special price
By this pre tailor-made, we could place a substantial order.
It means, we don’t need to take the risk for stock.
Instead of that, you customer need to wait a little so limited special price is return from our benefits to them.

●About size
・This is common size for both Japan and all world. It’s KUDEN original size chart. It may be bigger or smaller usual clothes so please make sure you check the size chart before order.
・You can change the size after you order before order period ends. After end of pre tailor-made period, you can’t change it.
・If you have question about size, please use our KUDEN Concierge service.

・We will send a email about the date and status so please set your email to be able to receive the mail from support@ku-den.jp .
・We can’t accept the cancel of order because it’s a made-to-order, make for just you.
・We have fabric limits so it has possibility to need more days for production depends on the number of order. We also massage you in that case too.
・Limited pre tailor-made is not standing products.

●What we can't combine with others
We can NOT combine custom order products, order products and pre-order products with other products. It incur shipping cost each purchase because it will be shipped different date from usual purchase.
If you want us to combine it, please tell us. If we can, we ship it in accordance with latest date.