KUDEN Samurai Mode PV ReAct


KUDEN is the fashion brand to making better working environment by our social design and transparency.

We put our thoughts to social design, making the environment that both producer and customer become happy, on this video. This title “ReAct” means “an attitude that face up to a lot of kinds of difference, accident and unfair on our life.”

We also “act” for someone else and any stuff on daily life by unselfish reason. Dancer Mr.Kambara shows our concept by his “act” .

Message from representative of KUDEN/designer Takahiro Sato

The reason I start KUDEN is to make a place that my son with disabilities and children has individuality like him can work and earn in smile.

I have experienced going bankrupt my company before. For that time, I made my own company to cares for my parents had cancer but destroyed my health by overwork and finally closed my business, got separated from my beloved family and couldn't t avoid dismissing employees. After this hard time, I decided to rise again for my son and here KUDEN is.

In this video, I want to express the attitude that face up for someone important in conflicts.

The dance from Mr.Kambara is very powerful but also supple, each moving portrays the subtleties of emotion, it’ s a just conflicts. Especially the scene that Mr.Kambara slaps water expresses my path, from past I struggled in hard time to now face a challenge with courage as a convincing message instead of words.

Just before this shooting, our partner sewing factory Marron went bankrupt because of because of the effect of cost reduction for subcontracting company etc. I told this sad fact to Mr.Kambara and Mr.Arai so we all did this videoshooting with very special thoughts.

I'm sure this video move your heart by attitude that stand up to conflict for someone important.

If you enjoy and it can move your emotion, we couldn't be happier.

-KUDEN Samurai Mode PV-

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Update 2020.10.15

Interview movie

Wheelchair dancer Kenta Kambara, Director Nobuyuki Arai and Designer Takahiro Sato talk about ReAct, background of shooting and creation in this interview.


3 creators talk about ReAct, background of shooting and creation in this interview.

Backstage movie

coming soon


Playing as a self-employed wheelchair dancer.

Born with a disability called Spina Bifida.

Not only as street performer/acrobat performer in the air but also work as a system engineer.

Performed on closing ceremony of Rio Paralympic in 2016.

■WEB: https://ameblo.jp/kkambara

■Instagram: @kenta.kambara

Graduated from TOKYO ZOKEI UNIVERSITY in 2011( major in Photography )

After that go to Germany and Czech Republic and take photos, start work as photographer in 2014.

Also begin video creation in 2017 and acted as travel videographer from 2018.

■Instagram: @nyantyuu0215

■ Vlog: Ko-hei & Nobuyuki

■Facebook: @utenkekkou

Main design field is for fashion, product, social and brand.

To help the family, gave up to study art and design in school and began to work in young age. Learnt by own way and worked for many kinds of design field. Didn’t call myself designer because of complex for self‐education but finally called in 43 years old and won the social design award of A’Design Award that is one of the biggest international design competition.

Start KUDEN to work with son with disability now living apart.

Also photographer, Cooking expert and apprenticeship of knife smith.

■Instagram: @takgerbera

■Twitter: Tak_gerbera

■Facebook: @takahirosatokuden

Award &Media

Superfest Disability Film Festival

“Superfest Disability Film Festival” select ReAct in Dramatic Short category and screen at their festival.

The 9th Athens International Digital Film Festival

“The 9th Athens International Digital Film Festival” gives Special jury award to ReAct.

AVESSA Magazine

American fashion magazine AVESSA in October/November 2020 features Takahiro Sato and his new product as 18-pages article.

Fashion Channel

Italian media Fashion Channel, shares international fashion news by video, publish the trailer of ReAct.

Japan Italy Bridge

Japan Italy Bridge, has mission to become the bridge between Japan and Italy and share their culture, publish the interview for Wheelchair dancer Kenta Kambara and Director Nobuyuki Arai.