Designer’s Voice “New piece of Samurai Mode Series”

Hello everyone.
I’m Tak, designer of KUDEN.

From today, I write about KUDEN, new clothes, activities and so on in this blog.
KUDEN has started only since a year before yet but we reaches here because a lot of people support us.
I’ll write about that little by little too.
First, I share latest activities of KUDEN.
Designer’s Voice #3
-When is the start as designer for you?
When I was a child, I like create something, take something apart and check how it is.Sometime my mother had trouble because I took all watch and toy in my home apart.
Designer’s Voice #2
-What is new kimono suitable for modern daily life?
What I do first when I begin is wearing vintage kimono and haori.There is a word “温故知新”(on-ko-chi-shin).