【Video】Designer's recommendations for stretch jackets & work jackets

【Video】Designer's recommendations for stretch jackets & work jackets - KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO

This is Tak, a designer.
Thank you very much for supporting my dream of "employment for the disabilities" where I will work with my son in the future at KUDEN.

The brand does not have a store yet, so we shot a video as if we were serving you all.
Here are our recommendations for stretch jackets and work jackets.

The video is in Japanese audio only.
We hope that people from overseas can feel the image of the clothes by the movement!

・Stretch jacket is made of stretch, water-absorbent, quick-drying, UV-cut high-performance fabric used for sportswear
・The traditional haori is worn over a kimono, and the jacket can also be worn over sportswear or outdoor wear
・Japanese pattern for accents on the lining of work jackets, available in 3 types.
・Work Jacket with Kimono Collar

Others are also introduced.

We hope you can feel the details and hints that cannot be seen in the photos through the video.
KUDEN is a unisex size for people in overseas and Japan, so the size is different from the usual brands.
Our male staff (that's me!) ) and female staff are also here, so please feel free to contact us by message or chat on our official website.

Designer Tak

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