Samurai Mode Pants II design with Hakama motif "How Pants evolved into PantsII and the differences"

Samurai Mode Pants II design with Hakama motif "How Pants evolved into PantsII and the differences" - KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO

I Tak, the designer.
Thank you for always loving KUDEN clothes with Kimono-philosophy and for supporting my dream to work with my son in the future as an "employer for the disabled".

Samurai Mode PantsII is inspired by Hakama, a traditional Japanese hakama , to fit the modern lifestyle. Already when I was designing these pants, I was particular about the fabric and created a supple and comfortable 2-way pant.
In fact, this Pants is version 2 as the name suggests.

KUDEN is different from other brands in that it transcends trends and releases clothes when it has a design that can be loved for 10 years.
Another feature of KUDEN is that we upgrade our designs from the initial design to better designs based on customer feedback and actual products.
The Samurai Mode Shirt and the Samurai Mode Pants introduced here have been upgraded so far.


How Pants evolved into PantsII and the differences
The biggest design difference between the original Samurai Mode Pants and PantsII is the adjustable waist.

The idea for this mechanism came from two customer comments.
One voice came from a customer who has experience in Budo (Japanese martial arts).
We have received feedback that "Can you make pants that can be worn at the waist like the original martial arts hakama?
This would make them more similar to Japanese Hakama and easier to wear and move around in."
The first generation of pants were designed to be worn higher than a traditional hakama, like normal clothing pants.

Another comment was that they wanted to wear Pants, but could not because the legs and waist fit perfectly, but the hips did not.

I was at a loss to think of a way to solve these two problems through design.
I came up with the idea of opening a large slit on both sides of the hakama so that when the wearer puts them on, they can be opened wide to wrap around the hips and fasten at the waist.
The slit is then opened to the waist, and three buttons are used to adjust the size of the slit at various levels to allow the wearer to wear it at the waist and hips, which are different widths.

After several months of sample sewing and trial and error, the new PantsII was born.
The three-button waist adjuster allows for two different ways of wearing Hakama: at the Hip bones, which is the original way of wearing Hakama, or at the waist.
Furthermore, a feature that has been inherited from the first generation, tying the hem with a string changes the silhouette from Hakama Style to Ninja Style, which looks like a field hakama or sarouel pants.
Thanks to this mechanism, the silhouette and the way of wearing can be changed according to the mood and the styling of the wearer, and the pants can be worn for a long time without getting bored.

As a designer, I am very happy to be able to help customers who love kimonos and Japanese culture to feel harmony in their daily lives.

KUDEN's clothes are made with the highest sewing techniques in Japan, and we want to pay fair wages, not beat down prices, so the prices are inevitably higher.

Therefore, we put our heart and soul into designing our clothes so that you can enjoy wearing them for a long time without getting tired of the designs and fabrics.


You can enjoy 4 different silhouettes with one pair of pants.
・Wear them at the Hip bones for a Hakama Style.
・Hakama Style worn at the waist

・Wear them at the Hip bones for Ninja Style
・Ninja Style worn at the waist

Other Feature

Koshi-ita parts motifed by Hakama

Take in Koshiita parts in this pants as a design accent and proud of traditional Hakama. It's made by soft fabric, same as main one, so comfortable to wear and not hurt yourself.


Traditional Hakama doesn't have a pocket but we add a pocket to this pants to fit the modern life style.

KUDEN's Kimono clothes are designed not only to be worn in Kimono Style, but also to be worn with your everyday clothes.
Only KUDEN allows you to enjoy both traditional and innovative kimono styles.
Please create your own unique style.
We would be glad if you could tell us how you wear it.

Designer Tak