風薫る - Light Breeze -

風薫る - Light Breeze - - KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO
Japanese is known as one of the most difficult languages in the world.
However, because of this, it has a wide range of expressions, and there are many "beautiful Japanese" from ancient to modern words.
Here, we would like to introduce some of the "Beautiful Japanese" selected by the KUDEN team as "Beautiful Letters."

The shape of the letters is of course beautiful, but if you know the meaning, you can feel the depth of the beauty even more.
We hope you enjoy learning Japanese language not often listed in textbooks.


Today's Beautiful Japanese


light breeze

seasonal word (in haiku)
Read : Kaze kaoru (かぜかおる)
Daily use: Not often but many people know


[ Meaning ]

A term used to describe the way the wind blows through the lush foliage of trees during the green leaf season. A summer term, it indicates early summer, especially May.

Japanese quoted from :  weblio辞書


In Japan, the word is mainly used to describe the refreshing breezes of early summer, as in the expression 'Light Breeze May (風薫る五月)'.
In the days of waka poetry, the word was used to mean the wind that carries the fragrance of flowers = spring breeze, but it seems to have shifted to describe the summer breeze, as Basho and Buson used the word as a summer season word in haikai.

Japanese words include 'smell of the wind', 'smell of the rain', 'smell of the night' and 'smell of the sun', We often use various 'smells' to describe or feel the seasons and climate.
There are also many words related to wind.

What do you remember when people say 'scent of the wind'?
Surprisingly, each of your answers may be linked to the place where you were born and raised or to your traditions.