【 凛rin life 】 Vol.036


┃K┃U┃D┃E┃N┃【 凛rin life 】
/ Issued on 29th September , 2023 /


… 1. News
… 2. KUDEN clothes care point by staff Sena
… 3. Catch up
… 4. Media & Serials and introduction of mail magazine serial-contents
… 5. Q&A


■ 1. News

#Clothes for people who love kimonos #Japanese Modestyle
KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO is a brand created to get people interested in traditional kimono with a modern kimono style that does not need special dressmaking.

Ending soon
●["Limited Time price" start! The first one is a late summer season feature, short-sleeved shirts and more will be shipped soon, but at 10% off!]
A 10% discount for a limited time on some INSTOCK items that ship in 3 business days. After the period, the price will be taken back to the regular price. This time, the target items include short-sleeved shirts.

Sales Period: End in September 30

If you have any questions about size selection, please feel free to contact our staff via e-mail or chat on our official website.

●[Due to rising raw material and fuel prices, we have raised the prices of some of our items.]
The recent increase in raw materials and fuel prices has resulted in price increase for fabrics, materials, and labor costs. Our management efforts were not enough to absorb the price increase, and we have raised the prices of some of our products. We will continue to put our heart and soul into our products so that our customers can enjoy good quality for a long time without getting tired of it.

Limited time price

■ 2. KUDEN clothes care point by staff Sena

Sena, a KUDEN staff member, also handles PR, translation, and voice acting. But within the company, he is known as the ironing master. Sena has always loved ironing and does it before each KUDEN photo shoot, and since KUDEN's clothes have gimmicks and designs not found in other brands, ironing requires a certain knack. This is a care corner by Sena, who receives tips and advice from sewing artisans and concierges.

Hello, this is Sena, member of KUDEN staff. Today, I would like to explain how to take care of "Shirt II," which is used for both daily wear and business wear.

"Can I wash it in the machine?"
"Can I put it in the dryer?"
Please take a look at this article if you are wondering them.

*The results may vary depending on the environment and equipment used. Please try at your own risk.


●Question 1
"Are all the fabrics in the Shirt II series the same?"

Answer is・・・・・・ ”No".

To begin with, Shirt II exists in various variations as a popular KUDEN standard product.

Care instructions vary depending on the fabric, so let's first review the fabrics in the Shirt II series.

Shirt , Shirt II, KASANE Shirt CC, KASANE Shirt LC
Chill Shirt

In this issue, I will talk about the cotton Shirt II and the polyester Chill Shirt.

※The Juban Shirt is cotton, but it is a different fabric from Shirt II and has a different feel. If you have a Juban Shirt, please compare them!


●Question 2
"Can I put it in the washing machine and wash it?"

Answer is・・・・・・ ”Just put it in a laundry net.

When washing the Shirt II series, you should be careful not to get the strings tangled.

If you throw them in the washing machine with other laundry, the strings may get tangled and tear off.
Therefore, please put each garment in a laundry net and wash it one by one.

When I tried the above method, I was able to wash both cotton shirts and polyester Chill without any problem!

※I thought it was best not to wash it with a lot of laundry.


●Question 3
"Can be used in the dryer?"

Answer is・・・・・・”Not recommended! Better to dry on hangers!

The photos below show the Shirt II and Chill Shirt after drying.

After washing in the washing machine, the Chill Shirt had few wrinkles and drained well, so I did not put it in the dryer but hung it on hangers to dry.
I didn't even hand press it.

As you can see from the photo, it dried beautifully without any hassle!

On the other hand, I put Shirt II in the dryer.
...As you can see, it became wrinkled.
I then used a mist sprayer and steam iron to remove the wrinkles.

※I will show you how to iron another time.




Cotton Shirt II:
Machine wash in a laundry net ⇒ Hang dry on hangers while stretching wrinkles by hand ⇒ Iron if you are worried about winkle

●Chill Shirt:
Machine wash in a laundry net ⇒ Hang dry on hangers


That is all.

Please feel free to contact our concierge if you have any other questions about how to care!



■ 3. Catch up

Hello everyone.
I Tak, a.k.a. Takahiro Sato, am a designer.
This week, I am taking a break from shooting and preparing for the crowdfunding for the new model.

The schedule for the launch of the new model has been approximately finalized!

As before, customers in Japan will be able to place their orders through crowdfunding CAMPFIRE. Overseas customers will start taking orders on KUDEN's official website.

【On CAMPFIRE&KUDEN Official website】

●"Fusion of Kimono and Suit! A Japanese set-up that no one else will wear!" project

Orders Received:
{NEW}Samurai Mode Stretch Jacket(Setup item)
{NEW}Samurai Mode Stretch HAKAMA Pants(Setup item)
{NEW}Samurai Mode Stretch MONPE Pants(Setup item)
{NEW}Samurai Mode Kimono Coat
 Samurai Mode Shirt II

Order period: from the beginning of October to the end of November

●"Japanese taste in the outdoors! Japanese outdoor play clothes" project

Orders Received:
{NEW}Samurai Mode Work Jacket
{NEW}Samurai Mode Stretch MONPE Pants
{NEW}Samurai Mode Kimono Rain Coat
 Samurai Mode Shirt II ーChillー

Order period: from the beginning of October to the end of November


There is one point in the design of the Samurai Mode Stretch HAKAMA Pants that has been modified since the development stage. At the beginning of the design process, we were thinking of a design that would allow the hems to be tucked in with a belt.
However, after repeated trial fitting of the sample sewing process, we found that the belt part was likely to be stepped on, so we decided to remove that and fine-tune the design as a Hakama silhouette pant.

If you want to enjoy 2-way, please enjoy Samurai Mode Pants II.
Now, as announced in the previous issue, we are releasing the photo shoot in Tokyo!

The models for this shoot were Mr.Toyotake Sakijutayu from Bunraku puppet theater and Ms.Taro. Despite the fact that the shoot took place after the performance, Mr.Sakiju took on the challenge with a smile and light posing. 

Mr. Taro, following the Kimono gown, also accepted to wear a kimono while coordinating with KUDEN's clothes in a Japanese-Western style.

As a photographer and designer, I would like to thank both of them for their smiling faces during the long hours they spent.

Mr.Sakiju wears
Samurai Mode Stretch Jacket
Samurai Mode Stretch HAKAMA Pants
Samurai Mode Shirt II

Ms.Taro wears
Samurai Mode Stretch Jacket
Samurai Mode Stretch MONPE Pants
Samurai Mode Shirt II

We are working on a plan to shoot work jackets and MONPE pants at a campsite next week.
Also, if the CAMPFIRE review is approved, we will start taking orders for the Japanese setup project next week. Please check the site often.

See you next week.