Feature 2

Luxurious and comfortable fabric & material

◆100% cotton,  tightly packed and Not easy to translucent, Luxurious silk/satin-like fabric
The fabric is made of 100% cotton and comfortable to wear and touch, it's like a satin texture.
It has high class luster. Hard to see through inner not like common shirt because we select the tightly packed fabric.

◆buttons made of shell
To consider for natural environment, we select the buttons made of shell for all buttons on this shirt. 

Roll up the sleeve

This Shirt has the button and tab to roll up the sleeve.
Not to interfere with the desk work and housework, you can fix the rolled up sleeves. As outfits style, you can select the style when you wear jacket, show the cuffs or hide.

Less tight around neck and shoulder

You can wear this shirt like kimono only by button up.
Because of those construction,  you can feel less tight around neck and shoulder compared with usual kimono. It looks dignified style but also comfortable to wear.

Beautiful silhouette by shirring and corset

On the back of shirt, there are shirring and corset. It make the beautiful style like wearing kimono even though you wear just this shirt.
Comfortable to wear but looks more beautiful by this design.