pants II ethical chart & price sheet

Samurai Mode pants is re-booted Japanese traditional Hakama(袴) to fit the modern daily life. It’s designed not to tighten waist like traditional one (it’s for support to hold waist), keep just beautiful shape. We valued on design and function, light and breathable, soft touchness, beautiful shilouette and drape e.t.c.

To realize those design and function, 100% organic fabric can’t do it for now.

So we select the triacetate fiber for main fabric.

Triacetate is the semisynthetic fiber that not use the petroleum-derived fiber, it’s from paper pulp.

But about button, we select naturally-based button made of palm nuts.

By those reason, our ethical chart for Samurai Mode Pants gets high point for Design and function but not best for natural environment.

KUDEN doesn’t like put too heavy burden on sewing factory. Samurai Mode Pants is order production, it means sewing factory begins to make pants after customer order so they don’t have to make unnecessary products for cost down by mass-production and short delivery period.

For working environment point, we realize 50% cost rate , talked enough for schedule so we believe our working environment point gets high score.

Our partner sewing factory Marron, made our first Samurai Mode Jacket and Pants, went bankrupt because of impact from apparel business world.

KUDEN thought that it became the reason why we must and want to consider about working environment more stronger and decided we never make “the fashion at the expense of others”.

We set our sights on that we grow to be able to do a periodic inspection for our support factory’s working environment. We must keep high awareness and raise more for working environment.