[Publish]ReAct full ver!!

[Publish]ReAct full ver!! - KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO
KUDEN Samurai Mode PV ReAct
We publish full movie of Samurai Mode PV “ReAct” .
Superfest Disability Film Festival in USA selects our ReAct and screening on 17th October Sat. PT so we finally release to the world too.

You can watch the full movie on special page of ReAct.

Special page of Samurai Mode PV "ReAct" is here.

Special Interview for creators of “ReAct”
Also Wheelchair dancer Kenta Kambara, Director Nobuyuki Arai and our designer Takahiro Sato answer the interview and talk about their thoughts and back ground of this video.
We’re sure you can enjoy ReAct more if you check this.
(*This interview was recorded on end of August in 2019)

You can read this interview as an article on our ethical magazine rinlife.

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