How to care Samurai Mode LL Jacket

Because want you to wear long time

KUDEN want you to wear as long as possible so here we introduce how to care Jacket by yourself. 

If you question about care please contact us.



Samurai Mode Jacket is made of triacetate.
We recommend to keep it with hanger , not use wash machine after wear. Also please do not keep in place exposed to direct sunlight long time. It’s better to line dry in shade once a month.


How to care by yourself

- When you sweat
Please wet a little by wet towel or spray and dry in shade. If you use chemical detergent, it cause discoloration so we recommend to take care by water and towel. Also please keep mind it’s easy to make winkle when it get wet.
- How to use hanger
It’s good to use common hanger for clothes. When you want to hang it up like Kimono hanger, keep unfold sleeves, please attach some stick to your hanger and put through sleeves. Keeping unfold sleeves makes air through and prevent wrinkles.
- When you use iron
Because of material, it may cause discoloration and deformation by iron with high temperature. It wrinkle-free fabric but when get wrinkles by wearing and fold, please iron with press cloth by warm or cool temperature. Also please do not use press cloth made of heat-sensitive fabric.
- When you want to fold
Please avoid to fold sleeves and main front piece because it stand out if get wrinkles. Also please do not put heavy things on it and use hanger as soon as possible. When it short time, like travel, it good to put it in top of your bag.