Ethical fashion need to be “Sustainable”.
There is no big means to be temporary ethical.

If we have sewing factory to work for low wedge and short term, someday they go bankrupt.

Mass production over our demand makes excessive stock in result, The brand that worry about be damaged by sold cheap price dispose their stocks to protect brand’s value and profit. This is the current situation for apparel world. They are too much burden on natural environment.

KUDEN think ethical has to be sustainable = consideration for environment to produce products long time.

Not only produce new product like that, Also “ keep using already on market or you have with thanks to environment and producer, not disposal and throw away immediately” is important sustainable approach for KUDEN.

Fashion line for vintage kimono & haori

kimono story

The story that loved KIMONO departs over sea.

take in traditional accent to your life. Saave the haori almost thrown away

Kimono is a symbolic one for long life design KUDEN likes and aims. All kimono is same shape, in other word it’s same design. But it has unlimited variation by color, texture, pattern and styling.

For now, it’s not changed. So kimono is traditional but even now it’s not old fashion and loved by many people in the world. Especially haori is easy to take in your daily fashion by wearing like jacket because no need special technique to wear like kimono.

But in Japan, there is so many kimono/haori that no one wears anymore and wait to be thrown away in closet. If no chance to be known to someone wants them, It’s a unfortunate and sad for both kimono/haori and you who adore kimono.

Each Vintage haori has own size, color and patten so all of them is a one-of-a-kind. Pick your favorite one and write your own kimono story with them.

Quit appraisal because we hope more people in the world can wear haori

General vintage haori is appraised by age, material, pattern and many factor and it’s almost $1~$200 ( or more over) . * In case of kimono, it has more variation and $1~$1000. But our price is only 4 kind based on condition. By quit appraisal, we can set affordable price for all haori in our store. Because we strongly hope you to wear haori before it’s thrown away more than we make a profit. There may be good find like treasure. Like treasure hunt, find your favorite , your own haori.

The reason for Condition&Price


Almost no stain and good condition.Beautiful design and we can feel artisan’s technique from it.

Pretty good

Almost no stain and good condition. There may be good find.

Very good

There are stains but it’s not bad and hardly noticeable. We can wear it.


There are stains but you can wear it. They are reasonable price and especially recommended for beginners.