【 凛rin life 】 Vol.033


┃K┃U┃D┃E┃N┃【 凛rin life 】
/ Issued on 8th September , 2023 /


… 1. News
… 2. Catch up
… 3. Media & Serials and introduction of mail magazine serial-contents
… 4. Q&A


■ 1. News

#Clothes for people who love kimonos #Japanese Modestyle
KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO is a brand created to get people interested in traditional kimono with a modern kimono style that does not need special dressmaking.

!!!End in 10th Sep. (Sun.)9!!!
●[Debut Pre tailor-made event starts for new KASANE shirts in new colors & Chill shirts to wear when relaxing!]
Thank you for your patience. The new colors of KASANE shirts (red and blue for the body) are now available.Also, the linen-like polyester Chill shirt is now available to wear when relaxing.(Photos will be taken and uploaded as soon as the sample sewing is ready next week!)

For customers in Japan, the crowdfunding "CAMPFIRE" is available. For customers living overseas, debut order event started on the official KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO website.

CAMPFIRE is already open to the public.
This CAMPFIRE return also includes a special 1000 yen off coupon that can be used immediately on the official KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO website.

This is the best chance to purchase KUDEN clothes at the best price when they make their debut! Don't miss it!

Order End in 10th September


For Customer Overseas
KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO official website

【Staff Asami's try-on review】
Hello! This is Asami from KUDEN staff. We finally tried on a sample of the Chill shirt today! Please check out the video below for more details.

Staff Height

What to Wear
Chil shirt(S size/Beige)

Check the video!


!!!End in 10th Sep. (Sun.)9!!!
●[Samurai Mode Jacket ECO model orders start! Long-awaited ivory is back. Red and blue-green are also available for the inside fabric of the custom model.]

Order Period:END in10th September (Sun.) 23:59(Japan time)
Shipping start:October〜November
※Please note that there may be delays due to busy sewing factories.

Special Page




■ 2. Catch up

Hello everyone. This is Takahiro Sato, a.k.a. Tak, the designer.

The other week, we received a very nice email from a KUDEN customer in response to this newsletter, in which he mentioned that Tobias Gantner of Germany, who has been supporting KUDEN since the early Kickstarter days, gave a presentation at TEDxMünster, which received the official license from world famous TED, wearing KUDEN's Samurai Mode Shirt!

TEDx is very different from a simple presentation event. TEDx, which takes place in many countries around the world, is a presentation event that receives an official linesense from TED, a non-profit organization that organizes presentation events based in the United States.

This time, I communicated with Tobias Gantner via e-mail, and he has given us the OK to introduce this presentation to you everyone at KUDEN, and he has also agreed to be interviewed.
You can also watch the TED archive on Youtube for free.


Creating the Future of Healthcare is not a Spectator Sport | Tobias Gantner | TEDxMünster


【Tobias Gantner Interview】

Your occupation

Here is what I do:
Dr. Tobias Daniel Gantner studied medicine, philosophy, health economics, and law in Germany, Switzerland, the People's Republic of China, and the USA. He was a resident in transplant surgery and worked in management positions for Siemens Healthcare, Novartis Pharma, Bayer Healthcare, and Johnson&Johnson, among others.

He is the founder and managing director of HealthCare Futurists GmbH, an international network of innovative companies, think tanks as well as make tanks.

He sees himself as a physician, entrepreneur, and futurist. His companies' developments include 3D printing of medicines, XR Gamification for communicating complex medical issues, the first international data donation platform for COVID data, the development of AI systems for vaccine creation, the use of AI in predicting benefit assessment outcomes, and the founding of the first Ohnearzt practices and Digital Residency practices for medical care in rural areas. Some of his inventions and developments have won prestigious awards. A feature film has been made about the mobile ophthalmology practice developed by the HealthCare Futurists.

Tobias is driving the democratization of health by making the digital transformation of medicine tangible for broad segments of the population with the HealthCare MakerMobil. www.healthcaremakermobil.com

He teaches at various academic institutions and, as a Sciana Fellow, is part of an international network of thought leaders in the health of the future.

How did you get into TEDx?

I was invited, it was actually the second time I have given a TEDx speech.

What you want to say at TEDx

I was talking about how digital transformation in healthcare needs to come along with a deeper understanding of possibilities in regards to what is possible. This comes with a responsibility for all of us, so we need to foster an understanding in order to form an opinion. The same way we should be looking at and after the state we life in, we should also look about ourselves. This requires education and the will to take responsibility, both of which comprise democratic virtues to me.

What is important to you

A good relationship to others and myself, being humble, being honest, taking action, being responsible, striving for improvement, sharing ideas, getting a good education and being courageous. Something – at least in my imagination – that are virtues of the samurai.

What do you think of KUDEN?

I am a big aficionado of Japanese Culture. I have practiced Aikido for quite some time. I am interested in Japanese joinery and woodworks. I like the way KUDEN combines modern fashion with traditional wear and produces pieces of garment that I can also wear in my business context.


The Samurai Mode series was my first clothing line, which I made over the first year after buying a sewing machine and practicing patterns for the first time when I was 43 years old and had no experience.
I was sorting through the belongings of my late mother, who loved kimonos, when I was inspired and came up with the idea.
I was worried about the days when I couldn't see my son, and I realized that crying and suffering would not do anything for him, so I put my heart and soul into creating clothes and a brand to create a place for him to work in the future.
To be honest, I was very scared and anxious about trying to become a business owner again, as I had hit rock bottom in my life after a physical breakdown, divorce, separation from my child, and bankruptcy.
I named the series "Samurai Mode" in order to make clothes that would make me stand tall and dignified like a Samurai, and to give people who wear them courage and make them work harder.As a designer and father, I am very proud that Mr.Tobias wore my clothes on such an important occasion.
Mr.Tobias' passion for helping people through medical care came through passionately in his speech, even though I am not very good at English. I hope you will watch his passionate speech as well.

So many things happen in life.

Thank you for supporting my dream of creating a place to work with my disabled son. See you next week.