Thank you so much for watching our Instagram Live

Today, we broadcasted KUDEN’s first InstaLive from 7:00 a.m. (JST) It’s a very first time for us, not very used for it but did our best to introduce our Samurai Mode Jacket!

If you couldn’t watch on real time, you can watch on IGTV tab. We’re happy if you check and enjoy our video!

For this time, we introduce how to use the original masure sheet Tak designed and find your best size of Samurai Mode Jacket.
You can download PDF of measure sheet from here.

Samurai Mode Jacket measure sheet

Let’s use and find your favorite size of Samurai Mode Jacket!

We’ll continue the Instagram Live so if you have a question and request, we’re welcome to hear by DM or Contact form!

Thank you so much for your continually support !