Samurai Mode Series for Noryo

Noryo ( 納涼 nouryou ) means “ enjoy the cool breeze and make comfort for spending in hot weather” in Japanese.

Samurai Mode Jacket loved by many people in the world.

Due to be able to be worn by people living in warm country , use the Linen & Rayon , remove the inner fabric and design more casual and refreshing.

According to your busy lifestyle, these jacket has a function that can roll sleeves up for easy to move and feel cool.

Also, popular Samurai Mode Shirt II has new version with short sleeve.

In addition, release the Samurai Mode Blouse that you can enjoy Japanese mode style, Japanese gothic style and Japanese Lolita style easily.

For this Samurai Mode Series Summer Escape line, they have new size XXS that people around 140cm tall fit it. ( For now, only Linen Light Jacket, Linen Light Jacket Washable, Shirt II - Short Sleeve - and Blouse )

Summer Escape Collection

By this pre tailor-made, we could place a substantial order.

It means, we don’t need to take the risk for stock.

Instead of that, you customer need to wait a little so limited special price is return from our benefits to them. Shirt II - Short Sleeve - is 5% off and Blouse is 10% off.

*JAPAN ONLY* Samurai Mode Linen Light Jacket and Samurai Mode Linen Jacket Washable