Get your Jacket with your style

- Enjoy Color styling with other items like as traditional kimono -

October Pre tailor-made event 

for 3 colors of
Samurai Mode Jacket - Eco -
Black x Black
Black x Red
Black x Blue

Event period : 6th October - 31st October

Jacket - Eco - Custom model is first come on pre tailor-made event.
3 colors of Jacket are special discounted price because we can order to sewing factory at once after event end.
Black x Red & Black x Blue needs custom fee because change the inner color from standard model.
But we don't have many time in a year to be able to receive the order for custom model.

With Shirt II - KASANE - pre order event and Instock sale for Pants II, you can get " Kimono style by 3 piece " as you like.
But we and sewing factory has limits to order. 
Don't miss this chance if you want to enjoy Next Kimono!

Notice about Number limited pre tailor-made

  • Due to world issue, there is limited for main fabric stock and schedule of sewing factory so if we have many order earlier, we may close this event even before deadline.
  • We send email several times to confirm order, tell the situation of making and shipping info. Please set to be able to receive email from support@ku-den.jp
  • We change the discount percentage compared with previous pre tailor-made event because of rising costs of raw materials, fuel surcharges for deliveries, etc. We don't want to change the regular price because we want to protect the fair wages for sewing factory so really appreciate your understanding.

Autumn feel with Japanese 和 Modestyle

Design including traditional “Miyatsu-guchi”(身八つ口),not closed part between sleeve and underarm, makes air passage. It’s comfortable to wear , feel cool.

The main fabric is dry-touch and made from sustainable material, recycled PET bottles 100%.

Event schedule

To stop the mass production and mass waste

Approach for Ethical by KUDEN

KUDEN's pre tailor-made even is the approach to stop the social problem in fashion world, mass production and mass waste. We will start to produce the item after event end. It means customers must wait but instead of that we can provide discount price.

If you want it as soon as possible, not many but there is a Instock items in regular price so please select according to your needs.

Main fabric is made from recycled PET bottles

Main fabric is one of “&+™” brand made by TORAY INDUSTRIES, INC.

" &+™ is a new fiber made from recycled PET bottles. Friendly to the environment, it offers high quality and functionality. From recycling, to upcycling, &+™ embodies a new way of thinking designed to expand recycled fiber use, and realize a sustainable society. &+™ fibers are made from used PET bottles that are collected by local governments and shops throughout Japan. The bottles are then carefully sorted and shredded, and cleaned in an alkaline solution. "

Quoted from:https://www.andplus.toray/en/ 


Ongoing Event

Wear just one item,
Enjoy Next Kimono as you like

You can enjoy Next Kimono to your prefer. If you wear 3 items together, it looks modern kimono. If you wear 1 Next Kimono clothes, jacket,  with what you already have, it looks mixed style between kimono and modern.

Lookbook by Samurai Mode Series 

Introduction of KUDEN concierge service

KUDEN starts Ethical and sustainable service "KUDEN concierge" with our thoughts that "We want customers to use good items for a long time with care"

KUDEN answer the request for customers ask about cleaning, repair and other things about our products.

If you have any question before your purchase, feel free to ask us.