Character Design by

Moriyasu Taniguchi

Character profile 1

Takeru ( 5years later )

A boy samurai traveling in search of his missing father. He learns swordsmanship from his master man and fights with Katana. Despite his disability, he comes into contact with various people and with their help, and his pure heart moves the hearts of many of his friends, and he himself grows.

Character profile 2

Mysterious boy samurai

A mysterious boy samurai with a mask that gives him an air of being unique.

He specializes in unconventional and unprecedented swordsmanship.

*This character has two characterizations.

When Takahiro Sato saw Mr. Taniguchi's character design, he asked him to use his design as the character for the voice drama because it fits the image of the character in the drama, and Mr. Taniguchi readily agreed.

Thank you very much, Mr. Taniguchi, for allowing us to use your wonderful character!

(From KUDEN staff)

Creator message

Moriyasu Taniguchi

I tried to match the costume as closely as possible to what was in the reference.

I used Katana, a mask, and the wheel of a Gion Festival float. I put my hope to drive away the evil plague.

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