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Re-ki Taki

The Female Ninja in Shinobi Dan.

She is a master of disguise and skilled in physical ability.

She loves her younger boy like brother and has a kind heart.

Creator message

Re-ki Taki

Yuna, "Female Ninja of the Shinobi Dan."

The picture with the "KUDEN logo depicts the Katana being sheathed after a slash.

It is a still picture, but with the "shattered shuriken at her feet" and the "crossed slash trajectory light," I made it possible to recall the movement just before.

The eyes were tighter in the rough stage, but were corrected during the cleanup.

The costume is an adaptation of KUDEN's Samurai Mode Juban Shirt.

There are many strong women in my manga (for adults), so I hope I was able to give this character a taste that I am good at.

I hope you all like it!

There are three characters that I have drawn for this project.

I sincerely hope that you will like these illustrations...

And... I believe that this charity project will be a success!

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