Gidayu Aisha

Character Design by

Yukimasa Shijoh

Voice Cast by

Run Sasaki

A mysterious, space-traveling, Gidayu. 

She is a also storyteller.

She has a "宇宙琵琶BY".

She has strong mystical power.

Creator message

Yukimasa Shijoh

I think that the biwa that she has a super-dimensional technology that is immeasurable with modern technology.

In 2020, I fell ill and lost the sight in my right eye and a quarter of my vision in my left eye.

I am currently recuperating and trying my best to draw as well as I can.

At that time, this project unexpectedly came to me, so I decided to participate.

I still can't draw as well as I'd like, so this is how it ended up.

I hope it will be an encouragement to someone who is facing difficulties at the moment.

Detail about creator

rough sketch

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