Character Design by

Re-ki Taki

Voice Cast by

Ryoga Imai

The leader of the 10th squad Samurai Dan.

He is concerned about the recent weakening of the Samurai Dan. 

He is the mood-maker of the Samurai Dan. Also skilled in handling spears and guns as well as Katana.

Creator message

Re-ki Taki

Alto Harada

Leader of the 10th squad in Samurai Dan.

Since the profile is "good at not only Katana but also spear", I used "Battou (movement)" and "Shu-sou (stillness)" for one piece each.

The costume is an arrangement of the Samurai Mode Jacket and Samurai Mode Shirt from the Japanese mode brand KUDEN.

The large chain jalousie is borrowed from the image of "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" character "Jotaro Kujo" with whom I was involved in the manga and anime to a small extent.

I tried to give him two different hairstyles, and to give him a "su-ronin" -like nihilistic look, even though he holds the respectable position of the leader of the squad".

I hope I was able to express the "strength and coolness" of this character!

There are three characters that I have drawn for this project.

I sincerely hope that you will like these illustrations...

And... I believe that this charity project will be a success!

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