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Ryo Kudo

Character profile 1

Fellow apprentice

Fellow apprentice who once trained as a sword smith with the protagonist.

An incident leads to self-destruction and he lives for revenge.

In order to live, he uses technology to change most of his naves into machines.

Originally, he was family-oriented and kind, but now he is cold-hearted and rationalistic.

*In this world, bio-skin technology has been developed and he looks more like a cyborg than a robot.

Character profile 2


At first glance, he is a ruthless bandit.

He is merciless to his opponents, but sometimes shows compassion to those under him.

He also has a passionate side, secretly helping a reckless boy.

*This character has two characterizations.

When Takahiro Sato saw Mr. Kudo's character design, he asked him to use his design as the character for the voice drama because it fits the image of the character in the drama, and Mr. Kudo readily agreed.

Thank you very much, Mr. Kudo, for allowing us to use your wonderful character!

(From KUDEN staff)

Creator message

Ryo Kudo

He is bandit. Seemingly ruthless. He is merciless to his opponents, but sometimes seems to have a compassionate attitude toward those under him.

He is a sneaky helper to a foolhardy boy.

I drew this picture with those idea and glad if you feel it.

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