Character Design by

Taiki Kaneko

The apostle of justice who always rushes to the call for help.

He is a cyborg who is a reconstruction of the "Cho kidou Majin : Kodenga," a mechanized warrior handed down in this land since ancient times, using the latest technology of the modern age.

Go Yamato, a young man with a strong sense of justice who is half human and half ogre, falls into the hands of evil and is transformed into an ogre.

He jumped into the flames to take his own life, but was revived through remodeling surgery that combined the wisdom of mankind.

The energy of KUDENGER is the ogre's blood that flows through Gou's body.

This evil energy is purified by the power of the Buddha statue embedded in his head and transmitted to the special alloy Namuamium in his body. 

Its power is amplified by chanting the Buddha and unifying the spirit.

He does not use any special weapons, but fights Toshu-Kuken with empty-handed, utilizing his superhuman power.

His weak point is the Buddha statue on his head.

If it is destroyed, the ogre's power become uncontrollable, but he will later suppress it with his strong mental power and become a true "Cho Kidou Majin."

Creator message

Taiki Kaneko

I wanted to create a hero in KUDEN, so I designed it based on the motif of armor warriors and ninjas, which are typical of Japan.

My favorite heroes from my childhood underwent remodeling surgery by an evil organization, escaped from them, and fight as remodeled human beings.

Power can be useful to society depending on the mind of the person who uses it.

Because he was a converted person, he visited hospitals and facilities for the disabled to convey this message, and I hear that he encouraged the children.

When I heard that this project was to support employment of the disabled, I thought that I could carry on his spirit.

Good use of energy, myself and others together, KUDENGER will fight for a bright future for people.

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