To make the job for artisans of both western and Japanese sewing technique ,

KUDEN makes more opportunity that people all over the world and Japanese young age touch the kimono culture in their daily life and aims for the brand who pass the culture and interests on kimono by our Next Kimono “Samurai Mode Series” without special technique to wear kimono.

We proudly announce KUDEN appoints Tarik Rever from bottom of his heart as the global ambassador.

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Tarik rever


Hi I am Tarik Rever and I love the way KUDEN Fashion makes me feel. Thank you KUDEN for this beautiful opportunity.


ーHello Tarik, we're happy to talk with you.First, please introduce yourself to KUDEN customers.

I am a singer song-writer, Instagrammer, YouTuber, model, equal rights activist, inventor for the disabled, and artist.

ーWe want to hear your childhood episode. What’s your favorite when you were child?

When I was a child I fell in love with classical music, rock, and metal. Today you can hear all 3 in the music I make.

ーSeems those music affect your fashion too.Then, how did you know KUDEN? Why you take on the brand ambassador?

It is an honor to be KUDEN’s ambassador for America. When I saw their fashion line on Instagram it was a symbol of sophistication and power. That is so rare, plus KUDEN helps the disabled community.

ーThank you so much, It's honor for us too. You talk about our fashion line so would you tell us what you think about KUDEN clothes?

KUDEN is everything I love in fashion. The highest quality ethically made eco friendly fabrics with a kimono spirit.

ーReally happy to hear that. Would you talk about your personality/disability?

Having myasthenia gravis and used to be a dancer. Now I am in a wheelchair and I direct my energy to helping others through community outreach. Much of that work is from my equal rights work and using my reach in social media to help the disabled get more assistance. 

ーTell us about yourself more. Do you like Japanese culture ?

I love how Japan celebrates art and fashion. That means a lot to me as an artist and model. DIR EN GREY is one of my favorite Japanese bands. My favorite anime is Death Note, Dragon Ball Z, D Gray Man, and Full Metal Alchemist.

ーLastly, talk about future. Tarik will help people with life coaching on the Pludo app very soon.
What is your dream, what do you want to do in the future?

In the future I am developing some really innovative upgrades to the wearable tech for the disabled I have been working on. 

ーWhat do you want to do with KUDEN?

 I want to model all of KUDEN’s fashion. With this show the world the unity of eco sustainability, elegance, and fashion.

ーThank you so much Tarik.We're looking forward to seeing your activity and doing with you next.

 “Pride and Bride - Follow my belief -“

Lookbook expressed the imposing attitude mystical by white and black Samurai Mode Series

- Coming Soon-

Samurai Mode Series Tarik wears are below

Juban Shirt & Pants II

Juban Shirt Options

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Photographer: Liz Slusz Rever

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