This promotion has ended.


KUDEN gift a vintage haori to customers who buy target product in promotion period

・Samurai Mode Shirt

・Samurai Mode Shirt II

・Samurai Mode Juban Shirt


7th November - 5th December in Japan time

※Customer who buy target product in this period can join this promotion

Application method

  1. Buy a target product at KUDEN website (Please write your 1st to 3rd choice of vintage haori in our vintage collection at note when you order.)
  2. KUDEN check your order and vintage haori you select
  3. Ship your ordered product and vintage haori together

Target product

You can select a vinttage haori for a gift below


・Only customer who buy target product in promotion period can participate

・One time per person

・If you bought target product outside the specified period, you can’t join this promotion

・Ship vintage haori with your ordered product at same time

・All vintage haori are on sale during this promotion. Sometime your first choice is sold out or other customer select same item. In those case, first come get it.

( Also in those case , KUDEN gift your 2nd or 3rd choice to you )