Japanese - 和 - Mode by KUDEN

Nov.&Dec. Pre tailor-made event


18th Nov. - 31st Dec.

Through the crowdfunding for Japanese customer in end of last year,

KUDEN is getting known by not only people out in Japan but also Japanese.

So due to those good response, our fabric for Samurai Mode Jacket & Pants II is now out of stock and making that fabric. Weave and Dye.

That fabric will be arrival on January so we decides to do November & December Pre tailor-made event.

This event is just special price. 

For the first time since our fist crowdfunding for Samurai Mode Jacket in the world, Jacket is MAX 25% OFF.

In addition, Pants II has New color & size, BlueBlack & XL !

Very rare special price. Don't miss this chance!

Pre tailor-made event schedule

Select 2 price plan

Nov. or Dec.

New Color & New Size

New color

BlueBlack Pants II

This is first time available , Samurai Mode Pants II - BlueBlack - .
BlueBlack is inspired by ink color of fountain pen.
Very suitable color combination with others.
Highly recommend for wearing with Jacket. Light but also Elegant color.

New size

Samurai Mode Pants II has now XL

We have many request by both japan and all over the world,

Samurai Mode Pants II has new size XL.

Don't miss this chance!

Challenge for ethical to solve the problem of mass disposal

The reason of special price

By this pre tailor-made, we could place a substantial order.

It means, we don’t need to take the risk for stock.

Instead of that, you customer need to wait a little to get products so this special price is return from our benefits to them.

Product line up

Introduction of KUDEN concierge service

KUDEN starts Ethical and sustainable service "KUDEN concierge" with our thoughts that "We want customers to use good items for a long time with care"

KUDEN answer the request for customers ask about cleaning, repair and other things about our products.

If you have any question before your purchase, feel free to ask us.