Japanese 和 Mode style with joy of color combination

Shirt II - KASANE -
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End of OctoberInstock Sale start: End of October

Shirt II - KASANE - , which debuted on crowdfunding and reached goals in both Japan and overseas, finally be available on KUDEN official website at the end of October.

In advance of instock sales, we hold pre order event.

Thank you so much for many requests and support about Shirt II - KASANE - on crowdfunding . There is a few instock sales on this website so don’t miss this event , get your favorite color and size.

In exchange for pre order, we offer discount from the regular price.

After release date, the shirts will be sold at the regular price.

This Samurai Mode Shirt II "KASANE" is designed so that you can easily enjoy one of the joy of traditional kimono even with a single shirt.

Why don't you enjoy Japanese 和 mode style in autumn with KASANE?

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Introduction of KUDEN concierge service

KUDEN starts Ethical and sustainable service "KUDEN concierge" with our thoughts that "We want customers to use good items for a long time with care"

KUDEN answer the request for customers ask about cleaning, repair and other things about our products.

If you have any question before your purchase, feel free to ask us.