June 13,2020

Hello,It's staff Irene.

Hello, my name is Irene, and I am from the South of Italy. I studied English and Japanese, and I majored in Japanese culture and language. I went to Japan several times to study and volunteer. I love Japanese culture but especially Japanese fashion. I think it is unique and different from the rest of the world. Every time I go to Japan, the first thing I do is going to my favorite neighborhood, Shimokitazawa. I like it because of its vintage and second-hand shops full of unique clothes. Also, the people walking around there have a distinctive fashion style. Everyone is different from each other and wears clothes with confidence. When I go to Shimokita I feel creative, and I can take a lot of inspiration for my works. 

My style is a mix of different cultures: Italian, Japanese, American. I can’t define my fashion style in one word, it is just Irene style. I usually buy clothes at flea markets and second-hand shops. The hunting is funny as well as the styling. 

You can adapt a dress to the current fashion or wear it in the style of the year it was made. 

Recycling is a smart way to reduce waste and take care of the environment. Working with Kuden has made me more conscious of the importance of nature, and all the care that a sustainable brand has for its workers and consumers, compared to one of the fast fashion brands. 

We all should buy clothes not only because we like them, but we should pay more attention to what is behind a brand and the people working for it.

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