TE-KAGAMI -sakura-


This product is order made and begin to produce after your order. We'll send you email notification when we ship product. Ship about 1 month after your order.



Tradition in Japan has it that mirror has a power to exorcise evil spirits from a person.

Pregnant woman carry handmirror in her obsterical binder, it protect her and her upcoming baby from evil. It’s one of the traditional customs in Japan.

We’ll carve initial of your precious person on this product.

To your friend, partner, upcoming baby…
It’s only one gift in the world.
The craftsman carve it one by one for your precious person and you.

When you order,
please tell us the initial that you want us to carve at your order note.

We’ll check it and confirm correct one on email, if you miss to write when you order we also ask you on email, don’t worry.
After we begin to make it, we can’t change your initial because it’s only one order made product.











Natural wood

Country of origin Made in Japan(NIKKO)

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