Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -
Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -

Samurai Mode Jacket -Standard model -

Regular price 34,000 JPY

Special to Daily, Japan to World

Kimono loved by people all over the world.

We reinterpret the traditional kimono as fashion platform so that everyone in the world who love kimono take it into their lifestyle. We redesign kimono as modern kimono = “Next Kimono” that no need difficult technique.

We name Next Kimono “Samurai Mode Series”. They consists of 3 items, Jacket, Shirt and Pants.

Samurai Mode Jacket is a unisex design jacket that is motif of kimono and haori.

If you wear 3 items together, it looks like kimono. And If you take just Jacket, you enjoy kimono and Samurai style in your daily life as both casual and formal fashion.

Custom model that you can pick your favorite color combination is from here.

>>Samurai Mode Jacket - Custom model -


*If no stock for your size, you can order Standard model as Custom model. It doesn't need custom cost, we provide same price as standard one.

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Because want you to wear long time

KUDEN want you to wear as long as possible so here we introduce how to care Jacket by yourself. 

If you question about care please contact us.



Samurai Mode Jacket is made of triacetate.
We recommend to keep it with hanger , not use wash machine after wear. Also please do not keep in place exposed to direct sunlight long time. It’s better to line dry in shade once a month.


How to care by yourself

- When you sweat
Please wet a little by wet towel or spray and dry in shade. If you use chemical detergent, it cause discoloration so we recommend to take care by water and towel. Also please keep mind it’s easy to make winkle when it get wet.
- How to use hanger
It’s good to use common hanger for clothes. When you want to hang it up like Kimono hanger, keep unfold sleeves, please attach some stick to your hanger and put through sleeves. Keeping unfold sleeves makes air through and prevent wrinkles.
- When you use iron
Because of material, it may cause discoloration and deformation by iron with high temperature. It wrinkle-free fabric but when get wrinkles by wearing and fold, please iron with press cloth by warm or cool temperature. Also please do not use press cloth made of heat-sensitive fabric.
- When you want to fold
Please avoid to fold sleeves and main front piece because it stand out if get wrinkles. Also please do not put heavy things on it and use hanger as soon as possible. When it short time, like travel, it good to put it in top of your bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Wonderful and Unique!

The fit of the jacket is wonderful and the cutting is excellent! The designer's inspiration really shines through in the execution: the garment has a luxurious drape and the slight weight of the chosen materials reminds me strongly of heavier ceremonial robes in the vein of academic regalia or judicial gowns. The length and understated design of the jacket is perfect for wearing around the office, I've gotten nothing but positive comments about it every time I've worn it. It's a truly unique addition to my closet that I'll enjoy for many years to come.

Amazing Quality!

Very well-made and well-designed! I love how stylish it is!


生地がすごく良くて着心地が最高です。 内ポケットもあるのですごく使い勝手が良いです。




Material [Black][Ivory] Face side: 70% triacetate,30% polyester Inner side:Lining: 100% cupra
Care -Recommended the dry cleaner.
-Use filter cloth.
The place of production Made in Japan


All size is for unisex



Smartphone, business card, handkerchief... your portable belongings in 3 pockets

Kimono doesn’t have any pocket but we live in busy days so what we do first is design the pocket to be suitable to modern lifestyle. The one is on left chest. it’ s according to european formal style and design to put handkerchief in. This function makes jacket good to formal occasion. There are inner pocket on each side.

We design for both business scene, put a card case or smartphone in , and daily life, put a music player and earphone in. 


We adopt “miyatsu-guchi” from kimono for comfortable to wear

Even it’ s cool looks, uncomfortable wear is not good design for us.We adopt “miyatsu-guchi” , it’ s not closed part between sleeve and underarm. It’ s traditional style of kimono for women and children.

Why  is this function not with mens kimono? Some people said this function is to prevent the occurring of the out of shape, especially for children moving around and curvy women so traditional mens KIMONO doesn’t have this “miyatsu-guchi” .We adopt it on our jacket because it makes air passages, soft and comfortable. “Miyatsu-guchi” increases in range of motion because of it and also take out the air. 

By reduce the cloth for the armpit, rough and uncomfortable feeling, shape of shoulder looks slim.

This jacket support you in formal situation by comfortable to wear. 


high-functioning fiber makes comfortable

The material of jacket is "Soaron" made of triacetate. In 1967, Japanese company "Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation" produced the Soaron first time. 

From then, Soaron is always caught the eye of creator because that makes creativity higher. This material receive high commendation from fashion business world. By this fabric, we aim to comfortable jacket like what you want to put your arm through the sleeve.


Make your only one jacket by attaching accessory

Japanese traditional haori jacket can be attached haori-himo, haori strings, to close the front panel. The part that attached the haori strings called "Chi", we design Samurai Mode jacket to take over that function.

You can attach a traditional haori strings to a small loop and also your accessory, chain, customize for formal or casual ... enjoy your own style. 


To realize those design and function, 100% organic fabric can’t do it for now.So we select the triacetate fiber for main fabric.  Triacetate is the semisynthetic fiber that not use the petroleum-derived fiber, it’s from paper pulp.  By those reason, our ethical chart for Samurai Mode Jacket gets high point for design and function but not best for natural environment.

Samurai Mode Jacket is redesign traditional kimono as platform “Next Kimono” to fit the modern daily life. So we valued on design and function, light and breathable, soft touch, beautiful silhouette and drape e.t.c.

For working environment point, we realize 50% cost rate , talked enough for schedule so we believe our working environment point gets high score. But our ex-sewing partner Marron went bankrupt because of impact from apparel business world. KUDEN thought that it became the reason why we must and want to consider about working environment more stronger and decided we never make “the fashion at the expense of others”. We set our sights on that we grow to be able to do a periodic inspection for our support factory’s working environment. We must keep high awareness and raise more for working environment.