KUMIKO laptop board -basic-

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This product is order made and begin to produce after your order. We'll send you email notification when we ship product. Ship about  2 month after your order.


Give craftsman's traditional technique to you casually and easily.
We prepare beautiful KUMIKO laptop board.
You can select from 2 type, basic or premium.
Basic include 1 KUMIKO in the board!

If you choose Premium model, you can get your name in english or even japanese KANJI on tag.




Someone says craftsman who built Nikko TOSHOGU SHRINE-日光東照宮- in Edo period moved to Kanuma city from Nikko city to keep out to cold.
Because of this history, There are many skilled craftsman in Kanuma that is famous for wood craft.
One of their technique is Kumiko.
Kumiko is woodworking technique that make geometrical pattern by combining wood and wood. They use a little adhesive it's almost no adhesive.They have used for household furniture and their decoration.

There are many nature motif pattern, for example leaf, snowflake and shell suit.

Now, you can feel this traditional products casually!
This KUMIKO coaster make your tea time more beautiful.



What's KUMIKO Laptop Board

When you use Laptop PC on sofa or bed, don't you think you want something like a board to put on Laptop or tablet?
This product is suitable for it! Beautiful and very light.

You can use KUMIKO Laptop board not only on your lap but also on your desk in office or study.


  • You can release the heat from PC on the desk by attached laptop legs by making incline.
  • The case leather called Tochigi-leather that made of mimosa from a natural resin without harmful chemicals in Tochigi are tanned carefully as mousepad.
  • 2 type of board leg and that makes more comfortable to typing and you can charge your smartphone setting on the board.
  • Natural wood can make the board stunningly light and KUMIKO made of that has a role of heat release.
  • KUMIKO laptop board is almost same weight as iPad pro, about 730g, so you can use on your lap, at your favorite cafe, easy to put away and store.
  • You can carry many types of thing by wrapping Furoshiki.
    There are a lot of ways to wrapping.



・This product is order made and begin to produce after your order. We'll send you email notification when we ship product. Ship about  2 month after your order.


Craftsman creates one by one…use natural wood and leather…handmade craft…so it is not exactly same as image.


・Products are made of natural wood and leather so they will be damaged or discolored by sun but these damage or discolor but we want you to enjoy these change by your action.

・Please check and confirm how to use and keep these natural wood craft.Don’t use them in an alternative way.We will not take responsibility for any damage on something other than our products.

・In some country, you may have to pay customs duties.
In that case, it’s charged to purchaser.


 Size W:513mm
Weight 740g

Natural wood、TOCHIGI leather

Option FUROSHIKI、Board leg、Tag
Country of origin Made in Japan(NIKKO)

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