Another line of KUDEN

Non-disposal, ethical fashion to you

For ethical and sustainable fashion, we built the other apparel line “haoru by KUDEN”. Our mission is help to make a opportunity to be wore vintage kimono & haori that wait thrown away.

Why haoru by KUDEN is ethical

Large amount of hoarded kimono

Now in Japan, there is large amount of kimono that anyone wear. Kimono was daily fashion before but now it’s not, western clothes is standard daily wear instead of kimono and kimono is known as special wear for ceremony.

Kimono is changed form and carried on

Kimono is remade. It’s not end when it’s tailored. Mend the length according to the growth of wearing people, the soil or torn part, shape to wear by other people or remake to haori, give it from grandma to mom and mom to child… In Japan, a kimono is wore for long time by many effort.

Past kimono to modern life

Kimono is the material from old to now. Changing form and carried on long time. We think suggestion the new style to wear with modern clothes helps large amount of hoarded kimono.

Over generation and culture, make your own style

Through the 2nd chance for wore on our web shop, we hope you in all over the world enjoy your own style, good for fashion and life.


One Japanese girl love her kimono and it carried on to one French girl…

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