haoru by KUDEN


You know Japanese traditional wear, KIMONO and HAORI. It is hard to wear them by myself and they are expensive.

So even for many japanese feel hesitant to buy, have and wear KIMONO. Almost people think “It’s beautiful but out of my league”.

Nowadays few people have own KIMONO.
And even senior and aged person have few opportunity to wear the KIMONO so if they have they are kept in closet.
So there are a lot of KIMONO that are disposed because the owner remaining KIMONO in closet pass away.

We think, if younger and modern people can get easily and wear casually those KIMONO,
it’s a wonderful thing to both people.

Worn by next generation KIMONO&HAORI that will be disposed.
Easy purchase for many people because they are used.
Wear vintage KIMONO&HAORI and usual outfit together and have another people know they can be wore in daily life.

From these kinds of reasons, We want you and a lot of people to wear KIMONO&HAORI.



We want you to wear kimono and haori casually

Brand Concept

Haoru -羽織る- is a Japanese verb means wear on kimono like put on your shoulders.
We want you to wear kimono and haori casually so this Haoru line was born and it’s apparel line of KUDEN.

KUDEN is the lifestyle brand for the people who want to incorporate japanese culture or spirit into their daily life.


we think it’s a important to reform, reuse and repair to use again or take over something.