Kimono Reboot

Kimono is the symbol of long life design for us.
We Reboot them. No need special tech to wear, Fit the modern daily life style, With samurai spirits.
This is our new basic style.

3 pockets

Smartphone, business card,handkerchief…
your portable belongings in 3 pockets

KIMONO doesn’t have any pocket but we live in busy days so what we do first is design the pocket to be suitable to modern lifestyle. The one is on left chest. it’s according to european formal style and design to put handkerchief in. This function makes jacket good to formal occasion. There are inner pocket on each side. We design for both business scene, put a card case or smartphone in, and daily life, put a music player and earphone in.


We adopt “miyatsu-guchi” from KIMONO for comfortable to wear

Even it’s cool looks, umcomfortable wear is not good design for us. We adopt “miyatsu-guchi” , it’s not closed part between sleeve and underarm. It’s traditional style of KIMONO for women and children. Why is this function not with mens KIMONO? Some people said this function is to prevent the occuring of the out of shape, especially for children moving around and curvy women so traditional mens KIMONO doesn’t have this “miyatsu-guchi”.We adopt it on our jacket because it makes air passages, soft and comfortable.“Miyatsu-guchi” increases in range of motion because of it and also take out the air. By reduce the cloth for the armpit, rough and uncomfortable feeling, shape of shoulder looks slim. This jacket support you in formal situation by comfortable to wear.


high-functioning fiber makes comfortable

The material of jacket is "Soaron" made of triacetate. In 1967, Japanese company "Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation" produced the Soaron first time. From then, Soaron is always catched the eye of creator because that makes creativity higher. This material receive high commendation from fashion business world. By this fabric, we aim to comfortable jacket like what you want to put your arm through the sleeve.


Make your only one jacket by attaching accessory

Japanese traditional haori jacket can be attached haori-himo, haori strings, to close the front panel. The part that attached the haori strings called "Chi", we design Samurai Mode jacket to take over that fancution. You can attach a traditional haori strings to a small loop and also your accesory, chain, customize for formal or casual ... enjoy your own style.

Samurai mode jacket

Kimono collar

Make looks beauty your shape of decollete from neck by kimono motif collar.

We adopt kimono collar to modern european basic shirt. From far view, it looks basic cotton shirt so it’s suitable for both formal and casual style. V-necked collar make look beauty.

Samurai mode Shirt


Get an idea from Hakama,one of the kimono.
Make different styleby changing hem line

This flare pants is designed like hakama that samurai wore. You can change the hem style, like sarouel pants. Enjoy 2 way style in 1 pants.

Samurai mode Pants

We cheer your way that YOU CHOOSE

Designer’s Message

KUDEN has a dream. I will keep challenge for my dream, make people around brand happy, they are staff, customers and support company and everyone support me. To change the world, I send the design loved over 10 years to them, keep making a effort to be brand loved 100 years. By piece of our effort, my first clothes was born. If you support and cheer us, I have never been happier.

Takahiro Sato