Hope to the future

Final goal of KUDEN is Connect artisan and employment for disabled person by design.

My son is 8 years old with autism.
My dream, to make the place to work with him is also mission I must carry out.
Through challenge to my dream, I could see a difficult state of employment for disabled person in Japan. In Japan, there is support for continuous employment Type A service, I call. The number of bankrupt of Type A service are increasing.

*Type A service is for disabled people who age from 18 to 65.The office must sign a contract of employment with disabled person and pay a salary for their work and also must join the social insurance.
*Japanese ministry of Health announced the fact publicly, in 14th March in 2018. According to  their investigation, 71% of Type A service, it’s 2157 office, need to submit the plan for improvement because of their unprofitable operation.

There is a very few company that can employ a person who worked as employment for disabled person at bankrupt company before. Why number of bankrupt company is increasing?Japan sees to become an aging society.
It means a decrease in Japanese population and the domestic economic.
And also means big market even in Japan will slowdown.
In addition to these depression, one of the reason is many office depends on subsidy and can’t cover the payment only by their own business income. I need a “ financial independent business ” to implement employment for disabled person without needs depending on subsidy. This thought makes a decision that I start the business to the world.
And I find another problem on woodwork factory, They have a trouble of aging artisan and decrease of works. It’s because of Japanese business depression. I feel I can solve these problem by process of create and produce the products.

Connecting a lack of artisan’s apprentices to lack of disabled employment is one of the solution, I think. Connect the artisan and employment for disabled person, This is my final goal as KUDEN owner.

Designer/ Owner
Takahiro Sato

Company info

Gerbea Design Inc. 

●Office & Physical distribution warehouse
(*Not for shop)
Kiwadajima 1527-1 Nikkou city, Tochigi 321-2345, Japan 

●Tokyo Office
3-15-23-101 Kichijoji Higashicho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, 180-0002, Japan


Gerbera Design inc.
Designer / CEO
Takahiro Sato

Asami Sato

PR / Voice actor
Yano Sena

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