We believe we can live with more thoughtful mind.


We KUDEN named 凛-RIN- to the people who have thoughtful mind, walk life street on their own feet with joy.
We hope Rin people and Rin People put together, take their hands, to make comfortable society and environment for children had great future.

Our Mission

The big mission KUDEN have

1.Connect the factory, designer and customer directly. 

 2.Connect the craftsman and employment of the handicapped by design.

3 approaches to come true



KUDEN is a apparel line that re-boot the Japanese traditional wear, remain the goodness but change the form more suitable to lifestyle of today and everyone in the world can wear as basic item in their daily life.



Vintage kimono & Haori apparel.KUDEN think it’s important too to keep and use already we have, not only produce new one.



KUDEN think customers have a right to know how to spend the cost they pay. Except the markup of retail sale, we show you all true cost for material, labor and the others we need to create a product.

the reason KUDEN is born

What KUDEN hope to come true through the business

The representative and designer of KUDEN, Tak Sato has a handicapped son who suffers from autism, now living apart. Tak hope to make a place to work with his son liked create something so much.

KUDEN started with the staff influenced by his passion that he plan to make the place that children who has personality like his son can work with their good smile.

Connect lack of successors for Japanese traditional technique craftsman and employment of the handicapped to solve by Design

The one of most important mission of KUDEN is challenging to connect lack of successors for Japanese traditional technique craftsman and employment of the handicapped to solve by Design.

The luck of successors is big problem for all traditional craft in Japan. as designer, I read a craftsman’s thought, context, technique and history and I produce new product that people living all over the world in this time can get into their life style.

Not only producing product, I propose how to adjust them to your life style.

Make a profit, create jobs and employment for handicapped people and let them become craftsman’s pupil.

Please support us if you have interests to RIN life and project.

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