Original Apparel Coming soon

It is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2018

But nowadays Japanese wear KIMONO just few times in formal occasion of their life , or some haven’t.

The big problems to wear KIMONO in daily life are that it’s laborious for busy people and not comfortable to now, rise the temperature in comparison with before.

Care for design

KUDEN is a apparel line that re-boot the Japanese traditional wear, remain the goodness but change the form more suitable to lifestyle of today and everyone in the world can wear as basic item in their daily life.

We keep in mind to make a basic design that like and use ling time.

Not value difference of shape and design with others and lose interest after a craze.

We are repeating trial production of clothes for good design and comfort. We will also update the production information on the site and Instagram. Please stay tuned!

Takahiro Sato

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