KUDEN's Ethical

The definition of KUDEN’s ethical 



Directly meaning is moral action or thinking.

KUDEN practice proactively for our “Ethical”, considers deeply to nature and   place and life of people support our produce.

Already “Ethical” is expanded in the world, as social problem but their actual situation is thread and thrum in fact. Even the fast fashion brands, lead a mass-products and mass-disposal till now, say “We go to Ethical” for business, even if it’s a actually not ethical enough.  It has a big self-contradiction.

About ethical, there are a lot of the way to think and approach so we can say also there is no exact answer like “this is the ethical.”   So we must continue to lean, think what is the ethical and practice.

we hold up the Ethical considering nature and work environment and design the new fashion has concept “Ethical + Mode.”


Instead of you customers, we study if  the fabric and sewing is good for nature and working people etc., provide products with those information.

Those are our job and mission.

We promise we share the information with transparency as much as you customer can make a judgement by yourself. >>More about Transparency ) 

We name this “Ethical + Mode” fashion “Samurai Mode” after Japanese samurai protects their precious people.
Consideration for Natural environment

To make something, we impact on the natural environment in all process that get material, bring up and processing. 

Chemical evolution gives us many convenience and benefit but at the same time it pollutes nature by processing, animals lost their place to live by getting material, even people lived near factory get damage to their health in fact. Not only selection of material and the way of processing, but mass-production and mass-disusing give direct damage to natural environment. We need to consider about material, processing and the system that produce only we need when it need not to damage natural environment, even a little.

KUDEN consider for natural environment through the structure of produce.

Consideration for working environment

Bad working environment that made low wage and short term for deadlines for profit is known all over the world as big problem.

KUDEN think it’s an important to make system that makes everyone involved with us satisfied. Factory work for fair wage and enough time and customer understand it and buy with thanks to them. KUDEN never forgive to sacrifice working people for price and brand.

Consideration for health of customer

Nowadays more and more convenient and  inexpensive things are produced. We customer must judge it if it’s good for us or not. Does the material use for this clothes and food has worry to be harmful to human health? Even it’s not food, material that not brought up without agricultural chemicals must worry about endemic poison ( it means absorbs the poison/toxic chemicals through our skin by product that we use in daily life ) KUDEN continue to think for customer can choose and use without worry.


There are many way to think about sustainability for product. KUDEN put value on if it’s “ factory can continue to produce that product ” “ Customer can use it long time ” , for example it’s about produce system, material, working environment and so on.

KUDEN say “No” to disposal design followed the trend and produce under the condition that pressed factory. It’s one of the approach to our sustainability.

Also KUDEN think it’s sustainable approach that keep using already on market or you have with thanks to environment and producer , not disposal and throw away immediately.

Both existing products and something new we create, and also making a system to use it long time…KUDEN approach from many side to sustainability.

Activity for Ethical

1,We make and publish original chart that shows effect to natural and working environment for our product

We consider about environment and people related our production and clarify how/where/who make them. This is the good faith to factory and customer from KUDEN.

Ethical chart

KUDEN’s ethical chart shows ethical rate based on our original method and value by 6 point and 5 grade evaluation.

We make the chart because it’s easy to understand visually about our ethical challenge and explain with example chart there.

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2,KUDEN keep 40 ~ 50 % cost rate and write about cost on each product.

More detail of our opinion for cost


It’s the end of the generation that people don’t put the value on natural environment and working environment by mass-production and mass-consumption.

Number of people like you as wise customer is getting increase, KUDEN genuinely respect it.

To such a wise in customer, KUDEN doesn’t want to provide fake ethical advertisement and product that cheat you.

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You can see more information on each product

Samurai mode Jacket

The design concept is “ Kimono Reboot”, suitable to modern lifestyle. Look like kimono jacket but no need  special tech to wear. Formal, unisex and new basic style from us.

Like wearing the wind, make your moving more beauty by kimono-sleeve and hem. 

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Samurai mode Shirt

We adopt kimono collar to modern European basic shirt. From far view, it looks basic cotton shirt so it's suitable for both formal and casual style. V-necked collar make look beauty.

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3,Not only produce new one, also return vintage kimono that wait to be thrown away to market.

haoru by KUDEN

Non-disposal ethical fashion to you.

Another line of KUDEN handle vintage kimono & haori.

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4, To your preference, Make only one for you.


We can make "right product at the right time" without unnecessary stock because begin to make product after customer order. Because you customer cooperate with KUDEN, we can realize this ethical approach to big problem "mass production and mass waste" in apparel business world.

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Why KUDEN aim for ethical brand ?

Designer CEO message

I wrote why I start KUDEN and why aim for Ethical brand.

It’s long message but if you spend your time to read and sympathize feeling to your important people with me it’s an honor for me.

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