Design for Ethical

The reason why we make the design loved over 10 years


KUDEN doesn’t like disposal design and fashion. Like kimono, we like the design loved over 10 years.

KUDEN aim for design you can use over 10 years  = long life design , not  a short cycle fashion followed the trend.

Our long life means not only for shape and about fashion.

We consider about environment and people related our production, put value on how/where/who make it, and even making such a system to offer you is our “design”.


Why our design is ethical


Not consuming design mean factory can sew same shape 

If our design is not disposal one like followed the trend, sewing factory can make same shape clothes. It means sewing factory can make more high quality one.


Accumulate the technique and experience for clothes, factory can reduce sewing time and burden

By sewing same clothes, factory can accumulate the technique, experience and understands for that clothes so they cut their time and burden for work.

The process our ethical design is born

Designer’s Voice #1

KUDEN’s designer Takahiro Sato answers the interview and talk about his philosophy, history and future vision as designer.

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KUDEN’s products designed by vision of “loved over 10 years”

Samurai mode Series


Kimono is the symbol of long life design for us. Beauty of silhouette by combination between fabric and moving. To remain those beauty, KUDEN reboot the design for our life style.

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haoru by KUDEN

Non-disposal ethical fashion to you.

Another line of KUDEN handle vintage kimono & haori.

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KUDEN's Ethical



Directly meaning is moral action or thinking.


KUDEN practice proactively for our “Ethical”, considers deeply to nature and   place and life of people support our produce.

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It’s the end of the generation that people don’t put the value on natural environment and working environment by mass-production and mass-consumption.

Number of people like you as wise customer is getting increase, KUDEN genuinely respect it.

To such a wise in customer, KUDEN doesn’t want to provide fake ethical advertisement and product that cheat you.

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Comic essay that study ethical with KUDEN, message from designer Takahiro sato and so on, original web magazine “rinlife”

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We named our brand "KUDEN" with our wish "Things that make you feel like telling to someone important for you.” 

KUDEN offers and designs product instead of you so that your precious parson can wear and use without worry.

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