To make the job for artisans of both western and Japanese sewing technique ,

KUDEN makes more opportunity that people all over the world and Japanese young age touch the kimono culture in their daily life and aims for the brand who pass the culture and interests on kimono by our Next Kimono “Samurai Mode Series” without special technique to wear kimono.

To tell the joy of kimono more, We proudly announce KUDEN appoints Angie who loves Japan culture as the ambassador.

*1…More about Next Kimono is from here.

*2…The story about sewing factory Marron went bankrupt is on here.

— Wearing KUDEN means to wear my dreams



Hi everyone! I’m Angie.
In Love with Japan, I want to create a real bridge between Asia and Europe
It was like a destiny if we met, I’m proud to share KUDEN! 


ーHello Angie, thank you so much for giving us this opportunity. So Please introduce yourself to KUDEN customers at first?

Hi everyone! I’m Angie, I’m Italian, an event organizer and social marketing manager. In Love with Japan, I want to create a real bridge between Asia and Europe, that’s why I take care about the image of Asian Customers in Europe and vice versa. I love to meet people and that’s why the Japanese name I chose is SaiKai. When someone asks me why I chose this well… I just love to meet people and reunions among people I love. I think it’s the best think you can wish to people you love. 

ーWould you talk us about your childhood memory?

In my childhood a lot of people weren’t understanding my being so I was basically left alone. But after that, my world was finally understood and I was able to share it with pride! When I lost my mother I started to think “well… I will use my pain to relieve the others.” One of the most important thing will be helping the others to live better, that’s why I use the bad things as a teaching to give to the others. That’s why when someone has a problem, looks for my help. I’m proud. 

ーWho is the person you respect?

There are a lot of people I respect. I made a choice and I’m surrounded with people I respect. I tried to create a community of persons I respect, everyday I build a community, in every moment of my life. People I’m surrounded with are respectable and beautiful. But the most respectable person is my daughter, absolutely. I tried to build a special human being. 

ー It’s so you! Can we hear more about your personality?

My personality? I always try to be right and to be coherent. The coherence is one of the most important things.

Angie is






ーThank you Angie. So next, let’s talk about you and KUDEN. How did you know KUDEN? Why you take on the brand ambassador ?

KUDEN speaks about me. I love Japan’s tradition, especially Samurai. I’ve always felt like one, everyday I try to follow Bushido’ code! And it will be soon tattooed on my  skin. It was like a destiny if we met, I’m proud to share KUDEN! 

ーWhat do you think about KUDEN clothes?

KUDEN clothes are the modern tradition. Feeling like a samurai now? You can do it! When I wear KUDEN all Japanese History is on my skin! A real pride.

ーWhat’s your favorite point about KUDEN clothes?

The way they are made with a feeling. KUDEN is an ethical Brand, filled with great sensations and purposes. 

No differences among people like there’s no difference between modern and ancient  times.

ーWould you talk about your personality/disability?

Yes of course! I want to say that autism is something that should be used not for a thing that has to be hidden, in the contrary! There’s not enough attention about it, and I think that it’s a “special thing” that could be used as a help for everyone, for our selves first of all. 

I feel lucky, a lot lucky because Angie is like this, special like this and able to live in the most enthusiastic way always. What I think? That a smile is more then a help for everyone! 

ーWe’re proud of you, thank you so much. Then, change topic. Please talk about your favorite things, Japanese culture!

Japanese culture is one of the things that made me feel special in this world. I started being in love for Japan in 2007 when I met a special Japanese man that made me understand what being Japanese means. I’ve been always grateful to him. 

ーYou have a wonderful daughter. Tell us about your daughter and episode with her. 

First of all thank you! 

Me and my daughter have always been a lot close one to the other. She’s like a mirror for me, my hero and superhero. When I was waiting for her, I thought that I wanted to create my ideal person, that’s why I called her Lara*, because my ideal woman is Tomb Rider’s Lara Croft. I tried to grow her up with no fear and a lot of principles, with no taboo and feeling safe to talk with me about everything.

ーWe want to hear about your dream too. What is your dream, what do you want to do in the future?

I have a lot of dreams, I’m basically made of dreams! What do I think? That dreams are made to become real.

I try to catch everything I want deserving it. 

One of the most important dream for me is 


ーAt last, What do you want to do with KUDEN?

KUDEN is special for me, wearing KUDEN means to wear my dreams, the tradition I love so much and to become a modern Samurai, a respectable warrior. KUDEN products, KUDEN way of thinking, KUDEN people… everything KUDEN for me means a lot. 

I’m proud to share KUDEN with the whole world! 

And, as I always say with KUDEN staff… LET’S GO HIGHER! Ah yeah, this is another of my dreams!

Thank you so much Angie!
We’re very happy that you become our ambassador. Looking forward to what we can do with you and show to customer!


Mother & Daughter 

Japanese - 和 - Mode style with your close one

in Italy

Samurai Mode Series

KUDEN global ambassador


KUDEN  global ambassador

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