About vintage

This page tells you how to care the haori and kimono after you buy and check point for shopping.

Condition rank

We check the condition and rank them by 3 category.

Product information

We check the stain/lose thread or something damage on haori.All haoru by KUDEN products are vintage but these condition sheet helps your understanding.

We care for all our product below


*These care makes their condition better but it doesn’t be in mint condition.


Our price has 6 kinds.It’s ranked by condition, fabric, traditional technique and so on.

Product image

We do our best to make nearest color in photos to real one but it’s depending on room light, monitor you use so sometime has difference with actual products. Please check several , all photos before purchase.

After care

Use your daily-use hanger. There is special hanger of KIMONO and sometime you can get on online shop. Keep by hanger, stay away from sun light because they deteriorate colors.

If you worry wrinkles, creases and smell press with steam iron at low temperature.Do not directly to your clothes, use filler cloth or something like white color sheet.

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