Wholesale Guidance

14th Feb. 2018 UPDATE


We, Gerber design management KUDEN, recruit the store sell our products.


*Now we start just “haoru by KUDEN” for pre-sale of wholesale. We’ll start wholesale of KUDEN and KUDEN select products as soon as it’s ready.

If you want to get notifications about its start, please contact from form below. After we start, we mail you.



Terms and Conditions
How to register for New wholesaler
Document submitted
Offer sample
About us


“haoru by KUDEN” is the vintage kimono line-up brand.
The concept is “ imported Japanese culture in your daily life”.
Haori jacket and Michiyuki coat is one of the beautiful Japanese KIMONO and it’s easy to wear, you don’t need to use special tool and technique.



1)We propose special experience to your customer. They can wear Japanese traditional haori on your store.

2)You can get the wholesaler of Japanese haori and kimono and more Japanese products.

3)You can tell about KIMONO and haori to your customers without your knowledge about that.

4)We support maintenance ,care the smell, check stains and make list, measurements, pricing and knowledge for it. So you can serve Japanese KIMONO, made in Japan, to your customers without big cost and time.

5)Use PayPal. It’s for buyer protect. We can build a good relationship of trust.


More story of haoru KUDEN is from here




Terms and Conditions

●Volume discount

It depends on total spent money
  • Under $500: 35% OFF the regular price
  • Over $500 : 40% OFF the regular price
    *not include shipping fee

    ●Minimum order quantity is 1


    ●Terms of settlement

    PayPal checkout
    After confirm the PayPal checkout we ship by EMS
    Check Paypal buyer protection.


    ●We can’t accept a return or issue a refund after purchase because our product is vintage.

    Please check condition of products on online before you buy


    ●Shipping cost is on you

    Ship by EMS(Service from Japan post)
    Please make reference to a shipping guide that tell you a standard cost by amount of Haori


    Rate schedule(EMS)

    *open the page of Japan Post 


    How to register for New wholesaler 



    ●”We have to purchase after register? have quota?”

    …NO.YOU DON’T HAVE QUOTA. you can buy when you want.


    ●”I feel a little anxious. How it likes…”

    ...If you want, we gift one Haori as sample before you buy. Please touch and wear real Haori. For only new customer, only once per company. Product price and shipping cost for it are free.



    Document submitted


    New Wholesale registration card

    (Excel Download)


    (PDF Download)




    Offer sample

    Before you buy, you can get 1 sample.
    We mail you how to do it after you register.


    • Only once per one company. You can select from which has condition “very good” and “good” on our site.
    • Only for company completed new wholesale register
    • We also have shipping cost. Please try it, wear it, feel Japanese KIMONO.



    Pick up sample from here


    About us

    The Company name Gerbera Design.KUDEN is the brand that Gerbera design plan and manage.

    Gerbera Design(https://gerbera.me/)

    Takahiro Sato / Owner

    Kiwadajima 1527-1 Nikkou city, Tochigi 321-2345, Japan

    *Not for shop.Only office.

    3-15-23-101 Kichijoji Higashicho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, 180-0002, Japan

    secondhand dealer number: No.308921706053
    **This is issued by Japanese government. *Last Edited on 2017-07-26



    Thoughts and feelings and what aim of representative

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    ●TOKYOU SHIMBUN (news paper)

    Our work style on front page of morning edition (http://www.tokyo-np.co.jp/feature/kigyou/news/161213.html)


    ●Mr.Tsunemi, a writer and appear on NHK TV and more, introduce us on his book about work style.

    「なぜ、残業はなくならないのか」祥伝社 (2017/4/1)


    ●Our KUMIKO LaptopBoard on TECHABLE, fabcross, GetNews and more.


    ・KUMIKO Laptop Board -Japanese traditional tech-(indiegogo)






    we will send message on email by 3 business days in Japanese time so please allow to receive email from "@ku-den.jp".
    If you don't have any response after that sorry but please contact again.