Universal FUROSHIKI bag

anese “WA” feeling with you Universal Furoshiki bag

Do you know Furoshiki? For japanese, a square cloth called Furoshiki is known for a long time. We love to use as bag or to wrap and carry something by various way to fold.

Daiko Industrial Co.LTD is the maker and developer of this product in Kyoto, Japan. They used to produce Froshiki from old time.



The custom that wrap something by Furoshiki, use like a bag, to carry is familiar with us. But It&s difficult to do it for someone who has handicap or elders who can not use freely their hands, children, not familiar with Furoshiki like a person from abroad.

So they produce this product for that everyone can use comfortable and easily. (They name it Universal because of this reason.)

It is easy to use! Only you have to do is trough part of Furoshiki to hole.


You can change the form of Furoshiki freely, it&s big difference from bags. Furoshiki fit many types of your belongings. Wide one, can not tilt one, small one, round one...

At your business scene, you can move your work space to other place by using Furoshiki.

Of course , it will be your personal fashion item Pick up Froshiki by your own hand, and feel magnificence!