The Challenge by man who went bankrupt, divorced, apart with disabled son.

Designer Tak makes KUDEN to make the place where work with his disabled son in the future.

Key point of KUDEN

#The Clothes For People Who Love Kimono

By making Next Kimono that people enjoy kimono style without special technique, make the opportunity for people in the world to touch the kimono culture in the daily life.


To remain the kimono culture, make the job for Japanese&Western sewing artisans, we make the opportunity to have interests on kimono and create demand for it more.

Next Kimono is what people can enjoy as daily clothes easily wear in life. It’s a social design to “Disappear Japanese traditional kimono culture” & “Lost high sewing technique for both Japanese and Western” by making the job for sewing factory and interests on kimono.

This design is evaluated as social design and won A’Design Award in one of the biggest international design award in Italy A’Design Award and Competition in social design category.

Designer Tak won the international big design competition A’Design Award in social design category.

#Japanese Wa Mode style By 3piece Kimono Look

For you modern Samurai,
KUDEN makes the clothes that seek to how recreate the joy of kimono as modern clothes.
In the future, we design the traditional kimono too.


Easy-wear kimonostyle in daily life “3 piece Japanese Wa Modestyle without special technique to wear” presented by KUDEN.

Designer Tak was inspired by old kimono that his mother left and challenged fashion design when he was 43 years old.

Next Kimono he produce, we call them Samurai mode.

#Design Loved By More than 10years

To stop the mass production and mass waste, KUDEN doesn’t like short cycle of new collection to follow the trend fashion and disposal design.


Traditional kimono is one design , same pattern but can enjoy variation by changing fabric material, color and textile.

Like this kimono, KUDEN likes long life design that non-disposal and enjoy long time. It’s a “Design we can love more than 10 years”.

KUDEN doesn’t like disposal design that forced sowing factory for unfair low wage because of pricing assumed on sale, small profits and quick returns due to brand.

So we stop the seasonal collection and release the item only when we can design item that we can love more than 10 years. And keep produce them for a long time.

By this, sewing factory can accumulate the technique and increase their skills. It means they become able to make in better quality and short time. So the more sewing the more work efficiency, alleviate a burden.

#Life With Using Good Things Carefully For A Long Time

Return the many kimono&haori that no one wears anymore and wait to be thrown away in closet to the market again.
Also for new clothes, make efforts to be able to use long time by repair service.


We hope customers to enjoy our clothes for a long time. Concierge helps it by repair and advice how to care it.

Not only produce new product like that, Also “ keep using already on market or you have with thanks to environment and producer, not disposal and throw away immediately” is important sustainable approach for KUDEN. So we sell vintage haori&kimono too.

KUDEN think ethical has to be sustainable = consideration for environment to produce products long time.

#Fashion At The Expense Of Others Is A Rreally Cool?

We thoroughly commit to publish the cost for our product with transparency to protect working environment of sewing factory. 
KUDEN plan to have own sewing factory for both Japanese&Western sewing technique and connect to the employment for people with disabilities.


Defray fair wage to sewing factory and publish costs for produce and how/what for/to who spend the cost customer pays to sustain good relationship among customer, sewing factory and brand.

KUDEN continue to practice, lean and think what is the ethical. Instead of you customers, we study if the fabric and sewing is good for nature and working people etc., provide products with those information. Those are our job and mission.

Why KUDEN determined to be ethical brand that protect the working environment of sewing factory.

Our partner sewing factory Marron Co., Ltd. went bankrupt because of the effect of cost reduction for subcontracting company etc.