Our responsibility

What we want to achieve through business and product of KUDEN

“My sense of values are something to decide by myself. “
The person who live like that, in Japan we express “Rin-to-suru” that means dignifed. 
The concept of KUDEN are “Zen”, “Run-dignified”, “Wa - harmony - “, “ Najimu ” and “4 seasons”.
Our product has these motif and offer you foreigners 
For dignified people who live life in their own way, we offer the products that you can take the Japanese tradition and technique into your lifestyle.

And we offer you long life design product that means not disposable.
Reform, Reuse, Repair to use long time even for next generation.

The most important mission of KUDEN is to 
connect lack of successors for Japanese traditional technique craftsman and employment of the handicapped
to solve by Design.
Through our work, we challenge to complete this mission.

Japanese craftsman are aging and have big problem, lack of successors.
We read a craftsman's thought, context, technique and history and I produce new product that people living all over the world in this time can get Japanese culture and spirit into their life style.
Not only producing product, I propose how to  adjust them to your life style.
Make a living by craftsman work, employ the handicapped by that’s sales, these people become craftsman’s pupil…we want to make the cycle like that and tell and keep, even develop the culture and techniques to next generation and world.
Tak Sato, the representative of KUDEN has a handicapped son that now live apart from him.
His son like making something.
His dream, mission is to make a place to work with his son.
His dream make the wish that to make a place the handicapped people like his son work with smiles.
Staffs sympathized with these feelings gathered around him and now KUDEN started.
If you feel, think something
and support us
we are very glad, happy, grateful.