KUMIKO laptop board

I designed KUMIKO Laptop Board to use KUMIKO technique beautifully in your daily life.
When you use Laptop PC on sofa or bed, don’t you think you want something like a board to put on Laptop or tablet?
But most ready-made board is heavy, because they are mede of MDF or bamboo plywood, and uninspired.

I hit upon the idea When I drank a tea with craftsman in his workshop.
That is … if I make the board included these nature motif KUMIKO , I think it could be beautiful and light.
I noted this idea, I discussed with craftsman many times and then we did it, this prototype was completed.
The fist problem I met is strength of KUMIKO.

KUMIKO is not resistant to heat because they are made of nature Hinoki, japanese cypress, with no coating.
We made trial products and talk it over again and again about strength and how to release the heat from PC.
Craftsman is particular about nature wood that used of KUMIKO so I adopt these Hinoki as other part of KUMIKO Laptop board.
When you pick it up, you may notice suspicion of the good wood smell.

KUMIKO laptop board is almost same weight as iPad pro, about 730g,
so you can use on your lap, at your favorite cafe, easy to put away and store.
We present you Furoshiki, japanese wrapping cloth. You can carry many types of thing by wrapping Furoshiki.
There are a lot of ways to wrapping. We’ll send you mini book telling you how to use the Furoshiki so enjoy to wrap your own style!

There is a word “NAJIMU” in japan.
Najimu means that “getting closer to somewhere or someone or something” or
“savor or tone unites into one.Harmonize. Go together.”

The concept of KUMIKO laptop board that made of natural wood and leather is this “Najimu”.

We remain the natural taste of wood and leather,
craftsman make each part of board carefully by their hand for you.

That is important and essential element to express their own feeling by technique of craftsman.

KUMIKO is not coated in japan too, we love their natural wood taste and craftsman thinks a great deal of it.

We don’t coat outer flame as we can, it’s minimum semi-gloss finish.

So both part of wood and leather,
it will be damaged or discolored by sun but these damage or discolor make your KUMIKO laptop board “Najimu” on your hand and room.

Please use your KUMIKO laptop board for a long time like your favorite jeans or leather shoes and “Najimu” it as yours.

Craftsman create your board one by one…use natural material…handmade craft…
so we cannot mass-produce and reduce labor cost.

That is way our product is expensive but I want you to get this and feel the wonderfulness of craftsman’s technique.



Do you know Furoshiki? For japanese, a square cloth called Furoshiki is known for a long time.

We love to use as bag or to wrap and carry something by various way to fold.

We give you this Furoshiki as a present with KUMIKO laptop board.
You can prefer KON -navy blue- or ENJI -dark red-.
Both are traditional japanese color.

You can choose one which you like better.
Please cover your KUMIKO laptop board and carry it to office or cafe with japanese traditional culture.

accessory-Board leg-

We design to use KUMIKO Laptop board not only on your lap but also on your desk in office or study.
You can release the heat from PC on the desk by attached laptop legs by making incline.
We are currently developing 2 type of board leg and that makes more comfortable to typing and you can charge your smartphone setting on the board.


Each our product is the only one in the world so we decide to give serial number.
If you choose Premium model, you can get your name in english or even japanese KANJI on tag.
We choose suitable japanese KANJI for your name and impress them on tag.

Each Kanji has own meaning. We choose translate your name to Kanji.
Or also impress your name in English with tag.
You can choose either one you like.

  • Craftsman creates one by one…use natural wood and leather…handmade craft…so it is not exactly same as image
  • Products are made of natural wood and leather so they will be damaged or discolored by sun but these damage or discolor but we want you to enjoy these change by your action.
  • Please check and confirm how to use and keep these natural wood craft.We design to put laptop PC on this board but please take care of it when you use.Don’t use them in an alternative way.We will not take responsibility for any damage on your PC or something other than our products.
  • In some country, you may have to pay customs duties.In that case, it’s charged to purchaser.


Background of KUDEN project
~Why we have to succeed this project~


I start up a KUDEN project to archive my dreams.
It's to make a place to work with my son who is an autistic child and now live apart.
He love to create something; he take after his father, me.

KUDEN Chief Executive
Tak Satoh